Don’t worry, friends, I’m not going to do anything crazy like gallop off into the sunset on a merry-go-round horse (just yet), but I am wondering— how do you feel about graduation season? Up until now, I’ve always rather enjoyed it. The excitement of new chapters and young lives embarking on dreams and passions, the glamour of prom and the solemnity of convocations. I survived my first two offspring graduating high school (and a couple of Uni grads to boot) but this time it’s different. This time it’s my youngest who’s graduating high school and he might be ready for it, but I’m not sure if I am…



I’ve been in “motherhood mode” for twenty-five years. You guys, that’s a quarter of a century. And if I’m honest, it’s rather like being on a carousel ride— a cornucopia of fun, nausea, exhilaration, routine, laughter, and tears. Round and round we go: diapers, potty-training, Barbies, Legos, homework, dating, music recitals, hormones, University applications, food, faith, family vacations… I’ve loved it all. Mostly. When you’re in motherhood mode, it’s kind of comforting to know that you keep going around and around in the familiar—you know the ropes and you know your horse and life is mostly merry on the merry-go-round. But now what?

My 3 kids each have a different term of endearment relating to my identity in their eyes: one calls, me, “Mother”, one calls me “Mum”, and one calls me “Mommy”. I know, totally weird. I’m not sure how it happened, but it makes me smile. If you’re a mom, you’ll know how many hats we wear on a daily basis on that carousel, but underlying all the chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning, schooling, nose-wiping, and everything else, we are MOM at our very core. THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE, no matter how old our kids are. And yet we are, in fact, more than a mommy, and I fear that our identity can get buried under piles of laundry and we are prone to forget… so let’s remind ourselves:


You may or may not be in a similar position to me with all the things changing around you— it could be starting a family, starting a business, starting Kindergarten, or starting your empty nest— wherever you are, know that there is One who is in control of your carousel. He creates seasons for us to grow, learn, and love. We might not feel like we’re ready for the next chapter, but we’re safely in God’s hands, and He knows our anxieties, abilities, and aspirations.

“Sometimes when we get overwhelmed we forget how big God is.” A.W.Tozer



 “I thank God that as I lift up my foot to step into the next season, He is graciously placing it down exactly where it should fall.” Heather Avis


Embrace your season, friend. As a daughter of the King, you have nothing to fear. And if it’s your turn to graduate from the mommy merry-go-round, get ready to try some new rides and explore the fairground; you’re wonderfully created with a myriad of gifts and talents to unearth. You’ll always be mom and you can go watch that carousel with gratitude and a full heart—and cheer on the other mommies who are gripping their horse’s mane with that wild look in their eyes… encouragement is always appreciated; be a sister.

Me? I’m going to celebrate my graduating baby this week and embrace whatever comes next— it’s been an absolute blast on the mommy merry-go-round!

Maybe now I’m ready for the roller-coaster… 🙂

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