Who doesn't love a diamond?

A girl’s best friend

The king of bling

A promise of love


– but there’s something “worth far more than diamonds”… a “good woman” who is wise and strong and fearless and capable.

How do we, regular women doing life one day at a time, get to be wise and strong and fearless and capable? Join Laura Thomas as she unearths 31 exciting gems from Proverbs 31—a diamond a day for a month—in a fresh devotional that will reassure you of your precious worth, and help you to live out your purpose and passion with wisdom and strength. Sharing Biblical truths, a hint of humour, and practical prayer in everything from “Spice Girl” to “Stunning Swine”, “Love or Loathe” to “Dark of Night”—each gem will encourage and inspire you to “shine”.

Keeping it real. Digging for diamonds!   DIAMOND DEVOS 31 

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