The Candle Maker

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Middle-grade fiction (ages 8-11)  Published July 2015 by: Dancing With Bear Publishing.

“Every village has a mysterious character— someone to tell tales about, someone to fear. Meet The Candle Maker. One Christmas Eve in Victorian England, ten-year-old Benjamin Walker is forced to face the fabled old candle maker and see for himself if the ghastly rumors are true. Challenged by neighborhood bullies, lessons and lies, and an English bulldog along the way, Benjamin confronts his fears on a quest to discover the truth. But will this ragamuffin lad find the courage he needs in time to save a life?”

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What our readers are saying

“The story-telling in this book is excellent. Author Laura Thomas vividly portrays the Victorian setting through her picturesque words. It has an old fashioned quality that readers will find refreshing.” Review

“Thomas creates word pictures in which I felt the frigid winter even though I read this book in the peak of summer. The intrigue and suspense provided twists I was not expecting.” Review

“Laura Thomas weaves a wonderful boy-tale in The Candle Maker… The story runs true to life with its themes of bullying, rumours that downright frighten children, kindness, bravery, and the ultimate triumph of good over bad.” Review