Pearls for the Bride

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Marriage/ relationship non-fiction. Published May 2014 by: Dancing With Bear Publishing.

“In this unique ‘letter’ from a mother of the bride to her daughter, Pearls for the  Bride provides a beautiful blend of humorous anecdotes, practical tips, and  Biblical principles for the newlywed. With twenty-five years of wedded bliss under her belt, author Laura Thomas shares from her own journey and offers advice on everything from ‘Cruise or Ship-Wreck’ to ‘Hot Date Husband’, for any bride-to-be or recently married  “daughter”. Taking her cues from the wondrous Proverbs 31 woman, she unpacks some of the marriage mysteries awaiting a new bride, and lightens the load with a motherly hug. Pearls for the Bride is a must-read for those seeking pearls of wisdom as they embark on the unpredictable, uncharted territory ahead, commonly known as ‘marriage’.


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What our readers are saying

“These little “pearls” of wisdom are presented by author Laura Thomas in a delightful and enjoyable way. I laughed out loud more than once and thoroughly enjoyed her writing style. This is a must have for any new bride and the perfect wedding shower gift.”

“I myself found this book very insightful as a woman who has been married for almost 15 years…. It is filled with knowledge that I wish had been given to me prior to marriage, as I could have made life a lot easier on myself.”

“Laura has a refreshing way of juxtaposing simple ideas alongside more dramatic ones thereby creating word pictures that bring smiles, and outright laughs, consistently throughout the book.”