With mere days before Christmas, I have a little something for you… a FREE Kindle ebook version of my picture book Fairy Wings! It will be absolutely FREE on Amazon this weekend- Friday Dec. 19, Saturday Dec. 20, and Sunday Dec .21. So why should YOU grab a copy, you may ask? Well let me hit you with a few reasonable reasons…




Firstly, it is adorable, though I say so myself. It was my first attempt to publish an ebook on my lonesome (you can read about it HERE.)

Secondly, it’s absolutely free, so even if you don’t have a little girl in your circle of life, we won’t judge you for adding a cute picture book to your arsenal. You can call it “research” or “sympathy for Laura” or anything you like really. Seriously, why miss out?

Thirdly, aren’t you just a little bit curious to see what I’ve pulled out of my bag of tricks here? You may have read my teen fiction novels, marriage book, or at least my blogs (you are here after all!), so take a look at the “little girl” side of Laura. J

Fourthly, I would be exceedingly grateful. Even though I won’t get diddly-squat for it, I hope that you will love the story and pass on the link to your family and friends. I want to get my name out there, and throwing in a freebie seems like a good idea. Especially at Christmas.




A few of you have had questions on the techie side of things, so here’s the deal:

It’s published on Amazon for Kindle apps, and is an INTERACTIVE picture book which means you can double-tap on the screen to see bigger text, plus hidden, extra narrative in the form of text pop-ups. How fun? So much. Do you need a Kindle? No. You need to have a device with a clickable screen such as iPad, Kindle Fire, iPhone, or a tablet/ laptop where you can actually TAP the screen.

If you don’t already have a Kindle app, simply download it onto your device- it’s FREE and super-simple! Here’s the LINK

Then go to FAIRY WINGS on Amazon, and press on “Buy now with 1 click”. Easy-peasy. Any questions at all— give me a shout! Here are the Amazon sites for your area:





If I may be so bold to ask a little, teeny-weeny favour… would you take 30 seconds and give my little Fairy Wings a rating on that Amazon page? Or of you have 60 seconds, maybe even a quickie review? They are like gold dust, and it would mean the absolute world! No pressure at all, but if you do… thanks soooo much!


Why not head over to Amazon and grab yourself a sweet picture book, if you haven’t already? My treat. Don’t procrastinate… it’s only free this weekend.



Santa Holding Stack of Gifts --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


Who doesn’t love a freebie? Think of it as your first Christmas present. You are welcome!

Let me know what you think? Enjoy!