My big news… I finally have my very first picture book story up and running— let me introduce you to FAIRY WINGS! It’s a self-published, interactive, Kindle e-book available through Amazon. Know any 3-6 year-olds who might like a fairy story?




The story of Fairy Wings began in 2011, when I wrote it for my niece, Phoebe, who lives in England. It was Phoebe’s 4th birthday, and her momma was going through a particularly tough time health wise, so I decided Phoebe needed something a little special. I sent her a fairy costume in the mail, and thought she might enjoy a little story about a fairy named Phoebe…




“FAIRY WINGS is an interactive picture e-book for children aged 3-6 years. Phoebe is a wingless fairy, who eventually learns that happiness is more than ‘wing-deep’! Join Phoebe on her heart-warming discovery in this magical, interactive story for all fairy-lovers and happiness-seekers.”


For anyone who is aware of my formidable technical prowess, you will appreciate what a major achievement this is for me. Writing the story was the easy bit. Seriously. I tinkered with purchased images and edited them to fit the storyline for endless hours, took an online course to help me with my paralyzing fear of creating a Kindle Kids ebook, added pop-ups to make the story even more fun for little readers, and finally got her published with Amazon. I have definitely been away with the fairies. Explains much.

Out of my writing comfort zone? Absolutely. Am I dreading I have done something horrifically wrong? Yeah- and could you please tell me? Thanks! But writing a picture book for little ones has been such a dream for me, and I couldn’t pass this opportunity by.

I spread my fairy wings just a little.

I really hope it flies…



So here are the links to purchase a copy of Fairy Wings: $3.39 $2.99

Amazon.UK £1.94


I have tried it on my iPad, iPhone, and on a touchscreen laptop, and it works superbly, as you can double-tap on the story to enlarge the narrative, and also find a hidden pop-up on each picture. Such fun! It is apparently great with Kindle Fire, too.

Major thanks to my family, who have put up with me in fairy-mode for quite some time, and my apologies AGAIN to my teenaged sons… I know, the published book quota so far comprises of Tears to Dancing, Tears of a Princess, Celebrating Love, Pearls for the Bride, and now…. Fairy Wings. I guess I should work on something a little more macho next time. Sorry guys. (Plus don’t hold your breath!)


So that’s my big news. My little book. I hope you will check it out, or pass on the info to someone who might enjoy it. As always, I HUGELY appreciate any reviews/ ratings on Amazon! Thanks— you are the best! 🙂

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Fairy Wings…





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