September, you are a bittersweet one, aren’t you? You lull us with your promises of comforting routine and cute back-to-school clothes and no more sand in the car when our kiddos are young. And then when it comes to letting the offspring loose into the world of college and university, you are a scary season. One where goodbyes make us physically ache and we start counting down the weeks until our babies are home for Christmas break. Letting go is never easy on a momma-heart—can we really trust God with our kids?

We should. We know that. God tells us in His Word to trust Him. To give Him all the worries. He promises to carry the burden for us. He wants the best life possible for not only our kids but for us, too. And sometimes He needs a sledgehammer or perhaps a gigantic waterfall to get through to us…



This past week was a massive eye-opener for me. We flew across the country to set up our youngest at Toronto University and decided to do a few typically touristy things while we were there. It turns out, it was more an opportunity for God to remind me how big and magnificent and powerful He actually is. And I really needed to know, just to make sure my boy was going to be okay without me and everything.

And so, Niagara Falls. Somewhat fitting as I thought of my own personal Niagara Falls which would flow the next day as we said our goodbyes! But it was also the perfect place to bask in the knowledge that God is BIG. This wonder of the world is utterly breathtaking. Just a little something the Creator rustled up for us to enjoy. And, I think, maybe to remind us of how small we actually are.



On that itsy-bitsy boat under the deluge of water, I felt utterly powerless. It was a poignant reminder of how much control I have over my children. I can teach them all the things and show them all the ways but at the end of the day—and at the start of the school year—they are in God’s hands. And frankly, I wouldn’t want them anywhere else.


Knowing I am a visual creature, God gave me another little reminder. The CN Tower. Bear with me. This “signature icon of Toronto’s skyline and a symbol of Canada” is crazy tall and is visible from all over the sprawling city. Between buildings, peeking up from behind church steeples, even from the University where our boy is studying. We went up to the highest observation platform and let me tell you—there are views for days from this puppy. Up to 100 miles!



Wherever I was in the city, I couldn’t help glancing up to make sure the Tower could still see me. I mean, I could still see it. It was reassuring somehow. And at the risk of sounding a tad weird, it reminded me of how God is always watching over His children. He neither sleeps nor slumbers. He neither leaves nor forsakes. He’s there always. Constant. And the most comforting moment for me? When we looked out of our boy’s dorm window and saw it there in the distance: the watchful CN Tower.


“If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea,

even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” Psalm 139:9-10

When I emigrated in my mid-twenties, my dad gave me this verse. I can’t tell you how much of an encouragement it’s been to me as the one settling far away, and then as the mom of three kids who have all flown the coup. Oh, how we need to entrust them to God! Why? Because He wants us to be less anxious. And more joyful. And He is simply SO trustworthy:

  • God loves our kids more than we ever will. For real.
  • God is in ultimate control (even though we kinda like to be).
  • God knows our kids better than they know themselves (newsflash: they actually don’t tell us everything!)


“It is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desires which He creates.” Amy Carmichael

So dear mom-friends, I feel your pain and your stress as you let your kids go—whether it’s to Kindergarten, college, or anything in-between. But God is there for the trusting! He is so trustworthy. The very best thing we can do for our kids? PRAY for them. Keep those lines of communication open with them and with God. Trust them to His care and leave them in the very best hands imaginable.

Preaching desperately to myself as I write this the day we arrive home to the kid-less house…

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