I feel a little foreign and out of place on my laptop as I write today. Strange. This is usually my place of comfort and joy.

In case you were wondering where I’ve been the past couple of weeks, I took some precious time away with my hubby to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary (makes me feel terribly ancient when I say that!) We left the kidlets to fend for themselves (it’s okay, they are of age- remember how ancient I am?) and spent 10 glorious days on the Caribbean island of St.Lucia.










Before we left, I insisted that my husband leave all elements of his work behind. No laptop, no checking emails, no phone messages- this was OUR time. It was a lot to ask because he has his own business, but he was happy to agree… on the condition that I left my work behind, too.












Oh, what, my writing and everything? No blogging, completing manuscripts, writing stories, checking social media for vital tidbits- nothing. Nope. I could only take a journal and a pen with me for any potential inspiration.










At first, I got a bit jittery at the thought of unplugging completely, but fair’s fair. We both unplugged.


And it was BLISSFUL!


Granted, I scribbled notes and thoughts to work into some of my stories, and I have enough blogging fodder to last me all summer, but it was all enjoyable stuff with no pressure, just me observing life.

No T.V., computer, social media, deadlines, email, nothing. Just us on a particularly stunning island. I noticed some other couples engrossed on their phones and i-thingies, but I wasn’t in the least bit envious. I was actually saddened. Surely all this “techy-ness” could wait for a few days? How often do we get the opportunity to bury our heads in the Caribbean sand and just enjoy the simplicity and beauty of an uncomplicated life?


This is not a particularly profound post- merely an (unapologetic) explanation for my absence, and an encouragement for you to maybe unplug once in a while, too. Lyndon and I have promised to work in some real unplugged time during our regular life at home. I think it’s doable.


And it’s a breath of much needed fresh air.










Hoping you feel freedom to unplug (after you’ve read this…!!)