It’s come to my attention that I am a bit of a list queen. I know I’m not alone- there are many of us documenting major and minor “stuff” in an orderly fashion all over the place. Lists seem to be magically sprouting in my life right now. I dare say I’ve always been this way, but with my daughter’s upcoming wedding on the horizon, my lists have gone on steroids. Megalists everywhere.

This week I was asked if I consider myself an organized person. I envisioned the numerous lists on my desk, laptop, iPhone, and notebooks, and answered, “Yes, I try to be.” Later, I quizzed my husband on his opinion, and the answer went something like this:

“Yes, I think you’re organized, honey, in your own unique way. It sort of works for you.”


Hmm. I guess I have my own system. my bizarre lists. What does a normal organized person look like, and do I even want to be her? I kind of like being a wee bit unpredictable sometimes…

My lists, they are my safety blankets. All of them tucked away, waiting to be checked off so I can feel like I’m accomplishing life. Here are a few I have on the go right now:

ShopShop App on my phone: I love this one fiercely. It’s simple, effective, I can cross items off as I run around the grocery store, add to it during the day, and I no longer have half a tree-worth of paper shopping lists buried at the bottom of my purse. If you are still old school but long to look totally cool whilst grocery shopping, check it out:


Wedding Planning: oh my, yes the lists are a-flowing. Some are on the laptop, but I personally feel better having them on real paper, preferably in a notebook or sparkly file. What needs to be ordered, paid for, selected, e-mailed, shared with other guests, time crunches, budgets… my list of choice this week comprises of numerous pieces of hotel-detailed, scribble-covered paper folded neatly into my pink notebook. I have spent well over 12 hours perusing Montreal hotels for wedding guests…  a little more challenging than the usual family vacay prep. It IS all going to be quite fabulous on the day… largely thanks to said lists!


Life lists: just in case I wake up with amnesia one morning, I have detailed “to do” lists for my writing (both in a notebook and on my laptop.) I also have song lists for when I I’m leading worship, as well as dinner option lists in case I have a moment of complete indecision one afternoon and can’t decide what to cook the men folk. Lists can help us get through the day when we lose focus, and they can be an incentive for the task-oriented individual. Many of us would come undone without them.

I’m definite;y a fan, although they can also be a constant reminder of what yet needs to be done… oh dear.

Joyous news: I have discovered a list I can embrace with an incredibly positive spin. If you’re a regular here, you’ll know how much I love Ann Voskamp’s books, and after reading One Thousand Gifts last fall, I decided to work through the devotional this year. Just slowly, a couple a week (mainly because there is always so much to ponder/ journal, plus I don’t want to finish it too quickly.) The list? Well it’s a simple practice really, and you certainly don’t have to read the books to enter in. Basically, it’s keeping a running list of everyday blessings- little joys you would otherwise overlook. The idea is to list 1000 of these gifts… and then start again. An ongoing record of God’s goodness. A steaming cup of peppermint tea, a friend with a listening ear, an invigorating workout, a juicy burger (yeah, that one’s for my husband), or a stunning sunset- you get the idea.


A good list. A good practice.

I need my lists in order to function effectively day-to-day, but I think I need my blessings list to live fully day-to-day. Next time you find yourself writing a list of any description, think on the good list. Count your blessings. Time is a precious gift- let’s use it wisely whether we’re organized or not!