Today is my daughter’s 21st birthday, and we have some pearls of wisdom you won’t want to miss out on! But for right now, indulge me as I float down my nostalgic river. Splashing in surreal and drowning in denial, I have to pinch myself just a little bit to believe Charlotte is really twenty-one. I can remember MY twenty-first birthday with almost unbelievable clarity- I have periods of years (mainly involving childbirth and small children), which I fail to recall at all, so any vivid memory from yesteryear is particularly exciting to me!




I can see it now- we had been married for exactly a year (uh-huh) and my fresh-faced hubby took me to the city of Bath (England) for the day. We picnicked under an oak tree, punted on the river (less painful than it sounds), shopped in the TO-DIE-FOR city center and returned back to Wales, where a surprise party awaited me at my parents’ home. It was perfect. I still wear my gold bracelet, which is engraved “with love on your 21st~ Lyndon”. Was it really THAT long ago? I guess so…




For Charlotte, life started in Wales and then the journey took  a new course when we packed her up at the age of two and landed in Canada. It sparked a zest for life, and I see so many snippets of that inquisitive little girl shaped now into this beautiful, intelligent, feisty woman embarking on an ambitious, adventurous twenty-first year of her life.

And what a year awaits her…




If you want to spectate and cheer her on as she experiences her first Mediterranean cruise, scurries around the U.K., finishes her degree in Political Science and International Development Studies at McGill Uni in Montreal, gets MARRIED in May-  also in Montreal, travels across Canada, and then emigrates from Kelowna to do her Masters in England…. (I know, I’m exhausted just writing it!), YOU CAN! All from the comfort of your living room with a latte in hand and fuzzy slippers on foot.

We are excited to officially launch her wonderful BLOG:




It’s called PEARLY DEFINITION, and it highlights pearls of wisdom she picks up along the way – everything from wedding blogs to travel highlights to surviving in the city to interesting books and fantastic recipes (I can vouch for sampling many delights) all with stunning photography- one of her many passions.  I know I’m her mom, but she really is a fascinating young lady. ‘Multi-faceted’ doesn’t begin to describe her. You won’t want to miss a beat in the coming year! It’s going to be a doozie!




Happy 21st Birthday, dear Charlotte <3 and every blessing for the adventures ahead in the coming year!

And dear reader friends- be sure to go PEARL hunting!