It’s here… my second “baby”! The sequel to TEARS TO DANCING is now available, and I’m ecstatic to be a published author yet again!

TEARS OF A PRINCESS was such a pleasure to write, despite the emotional rollercoaster touching on some pretty heavy issues along the way. It was fun to reconnect with the characters from TEARS TO DANCING, and the story of Natasha simply had to be told. It wouldn’t stay quiet in my head. Is that a little worrying? Probably…




Here’s the back page blurb:

“For fifteen year-old Natasha Smithson-Blair, life couldn’t get any worse. The shocking news of her parents’ divorce on top of her own deep, dark secret threatens to tip her over the edge—until her best friend suggests joining her on a missions trip in Mexico. Intrigued by this absurd yet strangely enticing notion, Natasha tentatively agrees to leave her spoiled-rich-girl life behind and embarks upon an emotional journey of both devastation and joy.

Facing ugly truths and beautiful promises, Natasha’s ice-princess façade is penetrated by a love so compelling it cannot be ignored. Will further tragedy rock her world again, or will she find the courage to cling to her newfound hope?”

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Where can you get your hands on a copy, I hear you ask?

If you’d like to take advantage of a special 15% discount from July 31- August 14, order through Createspace via my publisher by clicking on my book here: and using this discount code:  XQA74RJM

You can also order through

I’ll be updating all info on my “Books” page, so check back whenever you like.


Some of the TEARS OF A PRINCESS story is drawn from experience, most of it from observation, but at the end of the day my prayer is that it will speak to someone deeply. Maybe it’ll speak to many, and offer hope and encouragement where needed.




I’m so incredibly grateful to my wonderful husband, who gives me the freedom and security to pursue life on this unpredictable path. Also, to my three very understanding, super-patient children who put up with me in “book mode” and manage to keep me reasonably grounded! And to my fantastic publishers, Dancing With Bear Publishing, who believe in me enough to give me this opportunity to soar.

Without my faith, I know my writing would be missing something precious. I’ll always be thankful to my Heavenly Father for planting this seed of writing and allowing it to grow.

I truly hope you’ll take time to enjoy this little book, and that it will be a blessing…

Love from one very excited author {squeal}…