No, I’m not talking about any issues I may or may not have (although that would make for a very interesting blog post)— TEARS, FEARS, AND FAME is the name of my brand new book, and it’s been published just in time for Christmas! Best author Christmas present EVER! Allow me to introduce you to my third Christian teen fiction book:


Tears Fears and Fame-front cover


Isn’t it a beauty? So wonderfully pink! My publishers, Dancing With Bear Publishing, are the absolute best. This book continues the dramatic storylines from Tears to Dancing (2012) and Tears of a Princess (2013), although it can also be read as a stand alone. For any of you familiar with my other Tears books, this is Sara’s story…. and I had such a blast writing it. I even brought my characters up to my very own neck of the woods—they venture up to Canada, eh?

Here’s the back page blurb to whet your appetite:

“Sara’s exquisite singing voice has been discovered and she is on her way to becoming an overnight success at the age of sixteen—but fame comes at a price. When a cyber stalker threatens to invade her inconspicuous life and shatter her fragile nerves, living in the shadow of fear is no longer an option. Will Sara’s faith carry her through the intense pressures on and off stage, or will the sudden disappearance of someone she loves be her ultimate undoing?

In this third book in the Tears Series, the friendship between Sara, Bethany, and Natasha intensifies as they navigate through an emotional journey of Tears, Fears, and Fame.”

Here’s where you can find the new release, TEARS, FEARS, AND FAME (because I KNOW you were dying to ask…) 


Dancing With Bear Publishing (via Createspace)


So here’s my trilogy, dear friends—yes, I said trilogy, just because I can! *Squeal*

Tears Collage


Goodness, I’ve enjoyed writing about these girls—we’ve been on such a crazy roller coaster ride together. Their stories have come from places in my heart where I needed to reach out and assure the readers that they are loved, no matter what. The challenges, the confusion, the doubts, the drama—oh yes, that unending drama… I hope you’ll love these stories. It’s my prayer that the messages of faith, hope, and love will jump from the pages and have a positive impact on every reader.


Tears Fears and Fame-final


I count it a privilege and my dream come true to be able to share my heart and show something of God’s love in my writing! 🙂 Many thanks, as always, for your encouragement and support…

One very happy author doing a very happy dance,

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