Got kids? Know any kids? If they are of the age where you can read them stories aloud, I have an amazing nugget for you:





And it just so happens one of my short stories is in their newly published book…


As most of you know, I homeschooled my children for 13 glorious/ crazy years and reading was a high priority. I rant about it a bit in this blog post:











How I wish Knowonder! had been around back in the day for me! Here’s their mission statement:

“To eradicate illiteracy and improve education success through content that is affordable, accessible, and effective.”


In a nutshell, Knowonder! has a bountiful bank of over 500 read-aloud short bedtime stories on their website FREE for your enjoyment. There’s something special for every child, including YE OLDE MOUSE HOUSE, written by yours truly!


Their latest book (available in paperback and Kindle) is called SPREAD YOUR WINGS “Featuring stories written by professional children’s authors from around the world, this collection of Princess and Dragon stories will inspire and delight both you and your child.”













I’m absolutely thrilled to have one of my short stories THE FIERY PRINCESS included in this anthology.












I can’t stress enough how precious and valuable it is to read to a child- your own or someone else’s. Communication, education, relationship enhancement, character building, listening skills, comprehension… and to assist us in the journey, here we have a fantastic resource at our fingertips.



Would you spread the word about SPREAD YOUR WINGS?  Take a look at the wonderful work KNOWONDER! is doing in providing quality literature for our little ones.

Happy Reading!