Ahhh, two of my favourite things: summer and reading! Is there actually anything better than a book on a beach? I think not. As an author, reading is part of my job (no, I did not just make that up) and I glean a mixture of fiction to fuel my imagination and non-fiction to feed my mind. Both tend to nourish my soul in differing ways, such is the bookish life. So, friends, settle in for six superb suggestions to throw into your beach bag:


“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” Anna Quindlen

We’re halfway through the year and I’ve already enjoyed some fantastic books—some hot off the press, some merely new to me. I’ve selected a few favourites, along with my Amazon affiliate links for you to pick up a copy if you so desire… (full disclosure here) which basically means I get a very tiny commission while you pay the regular awesome price. In fact, right now most of these are ON SALE, which is always a bonus! ?


  THE MASTERPIECE by Francine Rivers

I’m a huge fan of Francine Rivers, and devoured The Masterpiece with relish! Roman Velasco is an unbelieving, wealthy, successful artist with a gigantic chip on his shoulder and a troubled past. Grace Moore, his new personal assistant, is a Christian single mother with her own heartbreaking story. Both try to fight the attraction they clearly have for one another, and neither intend to fall in love. Walls are erected and secrets are deeply hidden. But when Roman has an unforgettable encounter with the demons he is fighting, everything changes. A story of conviction, redemption, and forgiveness—aptly named The Masterpiece!


  SIMPLY TUESDAY by Emily P. Freeman

“Our obsession with bigger and faster is spinning us out of control. We move through the week breathless and bustling, just trying to keep up while longing to slow down.” Emily is such a joy to read, like having a dear friend hold your hand and reassure you that all is well. God’s got this. Embracing smallness, remembering that God is moving mightily in the everyday, in the regular Tuesdays of life, Emily encourages us to take time to stop, watch, and listen to find the beautiful again. A lovely book I feel I will come back and revisit often!



“Sometimes the biggest things God does start out in the smallest, most ordinary acts of daily faithfulness.” Any hot pink book with an elephant carrying a bird’s nest on the cover will grab my attention- and this one was an absolute treat! Melanie is now my best friend ❤️ (I’m pretty sure every reader comes away with this belief) and managed to pack a powerful punch while causing me to laugh out loud. That’s what happens when you write chapters like “The Glamorous Life of a Writer” and “Fish, Frogs, Crabs, and a Farm of Lies.” As she takes an honest, humorous look at friendship, parenthood, hospitality, courage, dogs, family, and life in general, we see God’s incredible faithfulness in the small things, the everyday, the mundane. Such an enjoyable, encouraging read!


  THE GREAT ALONE by Kristin Hannah

“All this time, Dad had taught Leni how dangerous the outside world was. The truth was that the biggest danger of all was in her own home.” I always enjoy Kristin Hannah’s writing, and The Great Alone ticked all the boxes for me. Set in the 1970’s, the allure of a fresh start in Alaska draws the Allbright family to a brand new life. But for thirteen-year-old Leni, it’s the beginning of a nightmarish existence balancing her father’s rages as he battles the aftereffects of returning from war, with the brutal yet beautiful harsh realities of living in the wilds of Alaska. Raw emotions and unthinkable survival skills culminate in a riveting page-turner, not for the faint-hearted. Heartbreaking, always with a sliver of hope.



If you are a Downton Abbey fan, then you’ll want to crack open a copy of The American Heiress, for sure! Daisy Goodwin, who also brought us the delightful Victoria TV series and novel, writes an intriguing tale about Cora Cash, a ridiculously wealthy young American beauty whose mother is set on her marrying into English nobility. Love, money, scandal, and high society with rich descriptions and engaging characters make this historical romance an absolute treat!


   A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeleine L’Engle

Somewhat embarrassed and horrified that I had never read this children’s book before, I was anxious to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I was not disappointed. What a beautiful, fanciful, engaging piece of literature! Meg’s quest to find her missing father, along with her little brother, Charles Wallace, and a new friend, Calvin, takes us on a journey spanning time and planets and possibilities. Heartwarming and colorful, this is a must-read!


Phew! That’s it. I hope you find something in there that inspires or intrigues you… please leave a comment if you’ve read any of the above— I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you have any suggestions for me, please go ahead. I’m always adding to my to-be-read list!

Also, if you know any girls ages 11+ who need some fiction books for the summer, may I suggest my Tears trilogy? You can check them out HERE!


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