Last week, we threw a bridal shower for my daughter, Charlotte. Even saying the words “bridal shower” referring to my little girl sounds surreal, but the reality is now sinking in- she truly  is getting married in May. Just 4 months away. Breathe.

The shower was simply lovely, though I do say so myself! Charlotte was home from Montreal on her Christmas break, and the next time we see her will be the week of the wedding in May, so it was now or never. Her maid of honor/ bestie/ my “second daughter”/ supergirl flew in from Edmonton, and we squeezed the event in between Christmas and New Year, so it had a sparkly, festive feel in spite of the upcoming spring wedding.








Her shower gifts were set under the Christmas tree, and we mixed blush roses with silver snowflakes on the table laden with girly food. What sort of girly food, you may ask? We had a huge amount of fun as we lovingly prepared heart-shaped cucumber sandwiches, Greek salad skewers, fresh fruit, heart shaped Brie, bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese, hummus and veggies, Hawaiian skewers, eggnog chocolate bark, dark chocolate coffee almond bark, pink macaroons, and the most adorable pink bridal cupcakes made by Charlotte’s future mother-in-law.






We drank pink punch and champagne, and offered a hot chocolate bar along with assorted teas to warm everyone up on a chilly December evening.




We gleaned most of our inspiration (including a wedding veil decorating the front door and  nail polish favours in the bridal colours for our guests) courtesy of  good old Pinterest. You can view my board along with some recipes here:





Charlotte is not one for large crowds (we’re thinking of blindfolding her for the wedding) so twelve ladies made a perfect little party for her. She is definitely not a “dress me in a toilet paper bridal gown” kind of girl, so we kept the evening very sweet and calm with a scrolling photo montage of the happy couple from their early years, and an inspiration station where guests wrote date night ideas on sticks with sparkly gel pens (might use some of those suggestions myself!) Everyone brought along a favourite recipe for her box, and even family members back in the U.K. were able to contribute. We also had our very own photographer/ dear friend from ChristaLeePhotography capturing every precious moment.




Whether you admit it or not, everyone’s highlight is the present opening, and Charlotte was surprised and delighted by each and every gift. We had a slight quandary when making the gift wish list- she is currently at Uni in Montreal, but at the end of the summer the newlyweds are planning to move to the U.K. for further studies, so the usual toaster/ tea towel/ incredibly practical and bulky gifts were far from ideal. So we surprised her with a beautiful Pandora bracelet and various wedding charms, which she can add to over the years as she makes memories with her new husband. She was also thrilled with a gorgeous selection of Victoria Secret lingerie, and Estee Lauder’s ‘Beautiful’ perfume and bath products for her wedding day and honeymoon. I wore the same scent on my special day 25 years ago… would never have imagined my own daughter would be using the identical fragrance for her wedding!




The biggest secret I had to keep was something special I had been working on for Charlotte. I desperately wanted to pass on some marriage advice/ pearls of wisdom/ humorous anecdotes/ Biblical principles for her as she embarks on this new, exciting chapter of her life. It started out as a mother-daughter letter, but, well, to be perfectly honest I had an awful lot to say (I know, shocking isn’t it?), so it grew into a ten-chapter book called PEARLS FOR THE BRIDE. Most exciting of all- my publishers Dancing With Bear Publishing are going to actually publish it in time for the wedding! Charlotte was amazed (slight understatement) when she opened up the mystery box containing the book manuscript, and for me it was the most meaningful gift I have ever given. Oh yes, the tears fell…






Surrounded by her female family and friends, I know Charlotte felt utterly loved and cherished on the evening of her bridal shower. Mission accomplished. We are all so excited for her and proud that she is taking this step proclaiming her lifelong love and devotion to Ryan. They will be an amazing married couple, and I know God has the most tremendous plans for them as man and wife…

Looking forward to May 10, 2014,




Mother of the Bride (squeal)