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By DWB Publishing

Three new releases that will renew your faith, fill you with joy, and comfort you with the knowledge that God loves you!


From our Children’s Line

TEARS TO DANCING by Laura Thomas
In this wonderful story of love, loss, and the search for God, one young lady must come to terms with the fact that life is simply unfair and it’s what we do with the tragedies that make the difference.
After a magical night at The Nutcracker Ballet, Bethany’s picture-perfect life is changed forever. At the tender age of fourteen, everything this young ballerina treasures is tragically torn from her, and she is forced to live with a broken heart and shattered dreams.
As Bethany is dealt a further blow, life becomes too much for her to handle, and bottle of painkillers provides a way out too tempting to ignore. Only One is able to turn her tears to joy, and transform her life of mourning into one of dancing again…. if she will let Him.

Bethany lovingly laid the ballet shoes right next to her sleeping puppy on the bedcover, and delved back into the box. What she saw next took her breath away. She shook slightly as she lifted out a gift wrapped in gold paper and tied in a large, purple bow. She knew even before she read the tag that this was her special unopened birthday present; the one her mother had been so excited to give to her when they returned home from The Nutcracker performance. Only they didn’t make it home that night, and she would never be able to thank her mother for it.
As she cradled the gift in her arms, Bethany cried silent streams of tears for this last present she would ever receive from her parents. This was just too much. Too hard. Everything had changed, and she felt as if her very life had been sucked from her. She toyed with morbid thoughts of doing something drastic just so she could be with them again. Shaking her head in despair, she stared longingly at the present, and wondered if she would ever be able to muster up enough courage to actually open it.”