It’s out! My new book has been published— just one week before my daughter’s wedding. How’s that for perfect timing? When I wrote it 6 months ago, it was almost impossible to imagine my little girl and the Big Day, and writing about Charlotte as a wife seemed such a long way off. But here we are…

“In this unique ‘letter’ from a mother of the bride to her daughter, Pearls for the Bride provides a beautiful blend of humorous anecdotes, practical tips, and Biblical principles for the newlywed.”

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This is a different type of book for me. Usually I’m a fiction girl with my head in the clouds, dreaming up make-believe characters. Pearls for the Bride is most definitely non-fiction. It’s real life. It’s about the stuff that goes into making a marriage work, with the goal of creating a beautiful, fun, meaningful adventure with your man.  A few pearls of wisdom.




I actually started out writing Charlotte a letter— just a mother to daughter note, wishing her every happiness and joy as a bride-to-be, and telling her how proud I was of her. Apparently, I have a lot to say (surprise, surprise!) and before I knew it, my letter had “chapters”. I had the crazy idea that perhaps I could generalize the message to all brides and newlyweds, and maybe—just maybe, it could become an actual book. I sent my manuscript to my fantastic publishers Dancing With Bear Publishing, and they were wonderfully supportive and gave me the nod and the wink. The result? Ta-da!




I’m passionate about marriage, largely thanks to one man— my man! Lyndon— my hottie husband of 26 years, my greatest cheerleader, my best friend, and my Prince Charming. Lots of fodder for this book came as a result of the mistakes and the learning curves and the growing we have done together over the years, and I wouldn’t trade a single minute of it.




My teen boys asked if I would be writing a book for them when their weddings eventually come around, you know, a more “manly” version. Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that. “GRIT FOR THE GROOM” perhaps…

I know Charlotte won’t mind sharing Pearls for the Bride with you. I wrote it for my dearest daughter, and hope and pray that it will be helpful in the months and years to come. But it’s my prayer that brides-to-be, newlyweds, and even those who have been married for decades, will all be blessed by this little book.


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I feel truly honoured to have it published.

So… it’s hot off the press today, and you can purchase your copies via Createspace through my publishers by clicking on my book here:


Or through:


I hope you’ll pick one up and let me know what you think?

In the meantime, I have a WEDDING DRESS to collect today…. oh my goodness!