So my Christmas is now officially packed away.

The tree and decorations are neatly stored in the basement, the rich food has finally all been consumed, my daughter has flown back to University, and I have precious memories of Christmas and New Year with family and friends etched on my heart.

It’s bittersweet- I savor every moment of the Christmas season, trying desperately to enjoy everyone and everything- and then suddenly it’s all over. Packed away for another year. The house feels spacious and empty with less décor and less family.

But there’s also an air of anticipation that bubbles up within me as I look ahead to the coming year. Honestly, I’m looking forward to the kids’ school starting back today, Zumba classes resuming (I’m pretty sure my body is literally crying out for it!), ballroom dancing with my honey again, healthy food replacing the constant stream of ridiculously rich fare, and a list of writing goals for me to tackle.

I’m ready for the normal to return!

While packing away my Christmas tree yesterday (twelfth night English custom not to be trifled with!) I considered what might be going on in my life when I NEXT see the baubles and ribbons in December 2013. Would we all be blessed with good health in my family? Would my kids have made the important graduation decisions looming for 2 of them? Would my next book have been published? What would be going on in my little sphere as well as vital issues globally?

We can drive ourselves crazy trying to look forward too much. We are at risk of becoming consumed with anxiety and in the meantime miss out on the “here and now”.

I’m not much of a worrier, but I AM guilty of looking ahead too keenly- always working toward the next milestone with such gusto that I can easily ignore what’s happening around me right now. I find myself wishing away time without even realizing. I’m not one for New Year resolutions (mainly because I know I won’t keep them!), but I do have a goal:

I want to live out this year fully and wholeheartedly.


I am going to attempt to smell the roses (once the foot of snow has thawed!), take time for sunsets, listen to whispers, and enjoy each and every day. I want to be a blessing to others, to grow closer to Jesus, to be a light.

To truly LIVE.

Every day is precious, and I hope that you will join me with eyes and hearts wide open on this amazing journey into 2013 to see what memories we can make.

I’ve packed my tendencies to  “wish away time” (along with a naked Christmas tree) in the basement for this year… what have you packed away?