We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but is it true? Do we really become closed off to change and challenge as we progress through life? I sincerely hope not! And I think there are plenty of other old dogs out there ready for a shot of “new tricks”!

On a fru-fru, superficial note, I have recently learned of some wonderful new tricks in the world of make-up. Since the age of 18, I have been a die-hard Estee Lauder fan, refusing to veer from the straight and narrow of my favorite products. But now I frequent Sephora with its cornucopia of all things beauty, and my brilliant daughter has opened my eyes to new wonders such as Clinique- and this is where I’m going to plug my new best friend; their brush-on cream eye liner. It’s awesome, stays on all day, doesn’t smudge, goes on like a dream… you get the picture.


You may be wondering where I am going with this, but bear with me. Trying new make-up hasn’t exactly been life changing, but every time I put it on, I am reminded of being open to new things. I want to learn what else is out there for me, and certainly not just for my exterior. I don’t want to get left behind, stagnant and stoic, just to prove I’m now mature and don’t “need” to learn any more.

Psalm 25 verse 4 says, “Show me your ways, Lord, Teach me your paths.” That doesn’t merely apply to the young, or to those who are fumbling their way through life in a fog of confusion. It’s for all of us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we grew more teachable as the years passed by? Instead of thinking we know it all, to be asking God for wisdom daily in every decision we make. To truly dig into His Word, hungry for a deeper knowledge of Him. To have a humble, teachable spirit, enabling us to glean nuggets of truth from the wise.

This old dog longs for a malleable heart, a mind eager to learn, and a spirit sensitive to God’s leading. Lofty goals for the unpredictable journey we are on! A huge part of being taught is to stop and hold still long enough to listen. Sit! Stay! Hmm, I seem to be back to the old dog thing. By the way, we bought an English bulldog puppy last summer, and for the record, it’s equally as hard to teach a new dog new tricks. Just saying…

Stay teachable, my friends!