Anyone else adore cookbooks? It’s no secret that I love books in general but there’s something nostalgic and friendly about a good cookbook. It’s like someone pulling up a chair at the kitchen table and saying, “Here, check out these delicious recipes. They’ll warm your heart and soothe your soul.” But what if, like me, you’ve been put on a highly inconvenient diet that puts a damper on much of the deliciousness? That’s where my HEALTHY cookbook stack comes in. Allow me to pull up a chair at the kitchen table for YOU…




“People who love to eat are always the best people.” Julia Child

Food. Many of us have a love-hate relationship with it but at the end of the day we all need to eat and we all have choices to make. For me, a year ago a random blood test showed I was borderline prediabetic with high cholesterol (not good news for a sweet-toothed chocoholic) and I had to make some drastic changes in my diet. Honestly, it sucks. But I was delighted to discover there is JOY in eating healthy… plus some delightful workarounds that still allow a sweet treat!

All that to say, I want to share some of my favorite healthy cookbooks with you—maybe you naturally eat well and fancy some new recipes or maybe the start of a new year seems like a good excuse to kick up the healthy habits for you and your family.

These are tried and trusted books I come back to time and again—I’ve even suggested a favorite recipe from each to get you started. My Amazon affiliate links are included in the titles for your convenience in case you want to snag a copy (full disclosure here) which means I get a tiny commission while you pay the regular price. Oh, and as a bonus, I’ve also included their websites, packed with recipes, so you can go ahead and peruse at your leisure.



BAKERITA by Rachel Conners

“100+ No-Fuss Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Refined Sugar-Free Recipes for the Modern Baker.” This has been an utter delight for me—my sweet tooth was suffering with my new sugar-free diet until I happened upon this gorgeous book. Rachel’s recipes are divine and the photography is stunning. If you are looking for healthy sweets, check this one out!  I love: SALTED BROWNIE ENERGY BITES. Her website is also amazing: HERE.




“Vegan Recipes To Glow From The Inside Out.” This is the original “Oh She Glows” and I use several of her recipes on monthly rotation. Even my husband doesn’t miss meat with these options!  I love: LIFE-AFFIRMING WARM NACHO DIP.  Also, her website is HERE. 




“Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes.” Who doesn’t appreciate quick and simple in the kitchen? Smoothies, soups, salads, sides—and a whole lot more! Plus, Angela lives in Canada… 🙂  I love: LOADED SWEET POTATOES. Again, her website is HERE. 




SKINNYTASTE by Gina Homolka

“Light on Calories, Big on Flavor.” The first in a whole series of “Skinnytaste” cookbooks, this one has comfort food that doesn’t require stretchy waistbands! It has all the nutritional info right there on the page to prove you’re actually eating the healthy version. I love: SKINNY CHICKEN PARMESAN. The website is HERE. 




YUM AND YUMMER by Greta Podleski

“Ridiculously Tasty Recipes That’ll Blow Your Mind, But Not Your Diet!” Another awesome Canadian, Greta’s quirky humor adds to the colorful photography and makes for a fabulous resource. Clearly, she enjoys healthy cooking and is all about sharing the joy—and great recipes. I love: LEMON-BUTTER GARLIC SHRIMP. The website is HERE.





“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

I hope you find this book stack useful and inspirational, friend. Let’s love one another well by encouraging each other to look after our bodies and find joy in the simple pleasures afforded to us—including good food! If you have any healthy recipe books (or recipes) you can recommend, please leave them in the comments—we would be SO grateful!

Happy reading, cooking, and eating,

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