What’s not to love about multitasking? Simply knowing we are accomplishing at least two things at the same time (and looking like a pro) is something we hold in high esteem. As a writer, I spend much of my day hovering over my desk like a feminine version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and am therefore very aware of the necessity to exercise daily. Zumba has me covered 3 days a week, and the rest—I’m all about the walking. But what has me all enthused about traipsing around the neighborhood or hitting the gym? PODCASTS. Listen in and I’ll tell you why…



For starters, there are podcasts about everything in creation out there. And for me, if I can find something that will edify my spiritual growth, improve my writing skills, expand my book knowledge, or make me exhale afterwards like I’ve been listening to my best friend—I’m in. Tie the running shoes and stick in the earbuds. Hello, multitasking. No guilt for spending time away from the desk when I’m not only taking care of my body but feeding my mind and soul with good content.

I have also had the pleasure of being a guest on several podcasts and love getting to share my passions with others in this super cool medium. A perk of the work. What a blast!

So without further ado, here are my current favorite five podcasts I simply cannot miss:

  THE NEXT RIGHT THING by Emily P. Freeman

(For the indecisive and those who simply crave soul rest.)

Decisions are hard. You want to make good ones. Emily (also a founder of hope*writers) says, “I’m an author, a podcast host, and a curious listener dedicated to helping you create space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing in love.”


   THAT SOUNDS FUN by Annie F. Downs

(For those who enjoy fun, meaningful interviews with Christian content.)

Less like a podcast and more like coffee with friends, Annie’s podcast, released on Mondays and Thursdays, features her favorite things and favorite people—authors, pastors, musicians, comedians, chefs, athletes—Annie has them all and calls them all friend.


   WHAT SHOULD I READ NEXT? by Anne Bogel (aka Modern Mrs. Darcy)

(For readers who want multiple book suggestions or simply love books.)

A show that’s dedicated to answering the question that plagues every reader: What should I read next? “We give you the information you need to choose your next read. Every week we’ll talk all things books and reading, and do a little literary matchmaking with one guest.”


   ONE GREAT BOOK by Anne Bogel (aka Modern Mrs. Darcy)

(For readers who want a quick, one book suggestion from an expert.)

“Each week I pull one stand-out selection off my personal bookshelves and tell you all about it, in ten minutes or less.”



(For writers who need marketing help with their upcoming or existing book.)

Follow along as book launch expert Tim Grahl teaches you the fundamentals of launching a bestselling book. Based on his work with hundreds of authors, he will share the insights and step-by-step tactics you can use to launch your own successful book.



How about you? What are your favorite podcasts you tune into on the regular? Let me know in the comments below…

And if you are not familiar with my fave five, why not check them out? I figured as my friends, you must fall into at least one category: booklover, writer, avid reader, faith-filled, indecisive, or fun!

Happy listening,

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