Oh my, we’re in “final countdown phase”. Exactly one month today, on May 10 2014, the wedding of Charlotte and Ryan will take place. Our daughter will walk down the aisle in a church in Montreal, a vision of beauty in white, and she will marry her Prince Charming. The moment she has been dreaming of and planning for since she was a little girl- it’s really happening. Really soon!

How is the bride doing? She is amazing! Charlotte’s balancing wedding planning with her final semester at McGill Uni with a double major in Political Science and International Development Studies. She’s ploughing through it all with the help of her fiancé and a great deal of prayer! So much so, that even the “slight” hiccup this week- when her hot water tank died and flooded her kitchen dripping down into Ryan’s apartment below- didn’t seem to phase her. “It could have been worse.” Not thinking of the possible disruption and relocation this may cause in the next few weeks, she has her head down, manically finishing papers and studying for her finals. Because then, after all this craziness, she will bask in the joy of her wedding day. And it will be fabulous. Eyes on the prize, Cha, eyes on the prize!




How is the mother of the bride doing? Actually I’m doing really well, thanks for asking. I feel like we have this whole shindig under control, and everything is booked/ ordered/ bought/ ready to go. A destination wedding may have its difficulties, but now that the final countdown is on, I’ve realized what a wonderful idea it really is! I love my family dearly, and would have gladly sheltered and fed relatives coming over from the U.K. with all the hospitality I could muster, but I’m loving the alternative: we are ALL on vacation for the wedding. Even me. I won’t have to cook once in 10 whole days. We’ll eat out with friends and family, do the tourist thing in the magical city of Montreal, and all be together for the wedding day- minus the hostess stress. It’s AWESOME!

Before you think I’m either naïve or off my rocker, I do realize there will be “blips” along the way. The day will not be perfect, but it will be perfect for Charlotte and Ryan, and that’s all that really matters. We will give them a wedding day they will treasure always, and all the exams/ papers/ floods/ mice/ extra trips home to take a citizenship test/ planning/ stressing… will be a distant memory. They will remember the good stuff. And there is a LOT of good stuff planned for May 10.




I did a happy dance when my fascinator arrived in the mail today. In case you’re unsure (or male), a fascinator is a hat alternative, usually rather fancy with feathers and bows and such. I decided to take a risk when I found one I loved, and ordered mine online from Etsy with Marge Lilane in the States.
I was so excited to receive a colourful box fastened with a lovely bow, containing this beautiful accessory:




I adore it! It’s so wedding-ish and is a perfect match for my dress. Phew! My wedding earrings also arrived a few days ago from Banana Republic, so I’m all set. It’s really weird, but for some reason I’ve found it easier to shop for wedding stuff online, and usually I’m a “shopping experience” kind of girl. Maybe it’s because Charlotte is a gazillion miles away, and I subconsciously needed to “shop” with her (I sent her links to my purchases), or maybe I felt more organized shopping from my laptop. Regardless, I, for one, am grateful for online shopping, and give it a big ra-ra for saving my sanity in this whole process.




So I find myself grinning rather stupidly for no apparent reason these days. I have butterflies galore in my stomach, but it’s not from nerves or anxiety. I am truly excited for this wedding- it’s such a milestone, such a precious occasion, such a joy. I’ll be there, one month from today, my fascinator in my hair, my waterproof mascara locked firmly in place, cheering on the happy couple alongside our families, wishing them every blessing as they embark on their marriage adventure. My little girl really is all grown up. And watching her this year, Lyndon and I couldn’t be prouder.




Counting down the days in giddy anticipation…

Chilled-out/ ridiculously excited/ incredibly happy mother of the bride!