Life brings its challenges, and stormy seasons come and go, but I am a firm believer in making the most of all joyous moments while we can! Currently, I am basking in the afterglow of my wonderful “May Days” extravaganza. Personally, I don’t think we celebrate the good stuff enough. Surely we should eek out every drop of jubilation before the next installment of trials threatens to wreak havoc on our bliss!

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I LOVE Christmas- the depth of the true meaning, the carols, the food, the décor, the gifts, the tree, the warmth of the season- the whole enchilada. But running a very close second is “My May Days”. Purely selfish: my Mothers Day, my birthday, my wedding anniversary all within a couple of weeks- it’s celebration overload and it’s glorious!

I enjoy hearing those magical words, “No, you mustn’t do anything, it’s your day, it’s your day, it’s your day!” over and over like the lyrical rhythm of waves kissing the sandy shore… it really is quite lovely. I start to feel a little guilty, then remind myself that after this condensed session of pampering, that’s it for a whole year. Eleven months of cold, hard labor. (Okay, slight exaggeration.) Would I rather spread out the displays of attention and affection throughout the twelve months? Maybe, but I didn’t plan “My May Days”. I happened to get married in May, the day after my 20th birthday, and when we came to Canada I was delighted to discover Mothers Day is in May rather than the British March version. It is what it is. It’s a mighty explosion of love and I savor every moment. Like the thrill of a roller coaster ride compared to a very enjoyable stroll in the park!

I wonder what life would be like if it were May all the time. My May- exciting, full of surprises and gifts and family and friends and happiness and sunshine. I think heaven will be a little like that, only better. Much better! We will experience God in all His glory, no pain for us, no suffering, we’ll be joy-filled, love-enveloped, and completely unrestricted by time. Maybe God gives us our “May Days” to encourage us that while there is joy in this life, there is so, so much more awaiting us in the life beyond. And that will be a season without end.

There are times when we have occasion to shout out an urgent “Mayday” distress call amidst our craziness, but perhaps we need to cry out for a celebratory “May Day” once in a while, too. Family celebrations, special dates, fun with friends- embrace them. Even if they are few and far between… I think they are a gift to be cherished and a reminder of the incredible blessings in our lives. Happy May everyone!

  2 dozen roses for 2 dozen years of marriage!