… to the cross.

It’s passion week- or holy week, you know, the special time between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, and I can’t seem to get this song out of my head:

LEAD ME TO THE CROSS (Hillsong)  You can listen to it here:  http://youtu.be/vdq9Q8wJdjc

It’s probably largely due to the fact that I was leading worship on Sunday and this was part of the set, but it’s still playing on my mind, in my heart.

Easter seems to have crept on us extra stealthily this year, and in the blink of an eye, winter is over (thankfully- and hopefully), the sun is a-shining, the mall is alive with soft  pastels and brilliant brights, and shelves laden with Easter eggs beckon us to be good parents and buy arm-loads for our deserving little darlings.









It’s time to shift focus.


“Lead me to the cross

Where Your love poured out

Bring me to my knees

Lord I lay me down

Rid me of myself

I belong to You

Lead me

Lead me to the cross”



It’s sobering for us, this week of passion when we remember how much it cost the Almighty to save us. We know that Jesus died and rose again victorious- we believe and we rejoice. It’s an every day, year round reality we cling to, and yet this week leading up to Easter, it  becomes clearer somehow. Even more profound.












I love this little cross we found in Montreal. The fact that it’s smack dab in the center of the city, surrounded by buildings and shops and thousands of people living life around it, is beautiful somehow. It reminds me that The Cross is not something to be hidden away or examined only on special occasions.


It’s for everyone. And it’s for every day.


Enjoy this special week. Take time to ponder God’s immense love, and the wonder of the cross.

And then let’s carry the passion into the rest of the year…