Friend, can you believe we are HALFWAY THROUGH THE YEAR? For me, time has flown at an alarming rate and yet I seem to have stuffed a whole lot of living into a mere six months already. I’ve never consciously done this mid-year before—but I’m feeling the need to hit the reset button for real. There’s no rule to say we have to jolly well wait until December 31, so let’s do it. Let’s reflect, refresh, and reset right now!



“God, the one and only— I’ll wait as long as he says.
Everything I hope for comes from him, so why not?
He’s solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul,
An impregnable castle: I’m set for life.” Psalm 62:5-6

“Breathing room for my soul”? Yes, please. Right now. That means stopping long enough to hit that reset button. Waiting on Him. We gain perspective when we remember God is constantly at work in us and through us. As we reset in Him, we are “set for life.”

REFLECT: It’s something we tend to do at the year’s end, but why not take time to reflect halfway through? For me, a six-month chunk is a little easier to recall and digest. Things to consider:
*What can I be thankful for so far this year?
*What took me by surprise? (Positive and negative.)
*What have been the highlights?
*What do I need to change for the next half of the year?
*How have I grown in my faith?

REFRESH: Take a deep breath. Summer is here and that screams renewal and refreshment to me… can I get an Amen? Sunshine on my shoulders, barefoot with book in hand—I’m exhaling just thinking about it. Even if we have responsibilities and work to juggle, let’s be sure to schedule some fun and frivolity into the mix. Summer’s not just for the kids, y’all. Whether you’re a writer, an accountant, or in major mommy mode—it all seems so much richer if we can somehow take a break, mix up the routine, or slow the pace. I’m taking July as my “no book writing” month—after launching 2 novels this year already and finishing the third by the end of June, I need headspace. And apparently, my husband needs his wife back… 🙂

RESET: The good news is, we are only halfway through the year. All the goals and dreams we set back in January still have time to come to fruition. And if they don’t, that’s fine, too. All the grace. Perhaps, like me, you need a moment to realign yourself and take stock.
*What do I still long to achieve in 2019?
*In which areas do I want to grow spiritually?
*What memories do I want to make before the end of the year?
*What’s my next step (even a small one)?



My “one word” for 2019 is “ABIDE”. I wrote about it right at the cusp of the year—you can read about it HERE. On reflection, I’m wondering how my abiding is going thus far… that remaining, dwelling, continuing in Christ. Yeah, I’ve definitely fallen short and need this reminder:

“Hour-by-hour abiding in Jesus means hour-by-hour trusting him to meet all your needs and be all our treasure.” John Piper

Truth is, I can reflect and refresh all I want—but if Jesus isn’t front and center, our treasure, then it’s all for naught. Keeping my eyes on Him throughout the year, abiding deeply in His love, digging for rubies in the richness of His Word, and trusting Him daily for wisdom—that’s the reset button I want to hit.

Not just mid-year, but every single day.

Are you ready to hit that button, friend? Let me know in the comments below… we’re in this together!

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