Wow! I’m finally here… blogging! I don’t know what your expectations are when you read a blog, but I think I should start this very first one with a disclaimer- I am in unknown territory!

The reason I’m writing (and hoping someone other than my mother is reading) this, is simply to connect with you by sharing my thoughts. Nothing too spectacular; just life. I may wax eloquent over an inspirational Bible verse I have read, share a yummy recipe, give you the goods on the latest humorous showdown with my English bulldog, or tell you about some fabulous find I can’t possibly live without. I’m no wealth of worldly wisdom, but I love life; my God, my husband, my children, my worship leading, and of course- my writing. I will certainly be keeping you up to date with what’s going on there…

All that to say, whenever you get the chance, grab a latte, put your feet up for five precious minutes, and join me in Bloggingdom. I’ll write as often as I can. Oh, and will you write back? I’d love to know who’s reading me, what you’d like to discuss- and feel free to fire away your questions and comments!

Keep those expectations real! 🙂