We did it. We passed the Canadian citizenship test with flying colours- (mainly red and white of course), and we are officially almost Canadian! Lyndon, Charlotte and I were beyond ecstatic yesterday after much stressing and a few sleepless nights readying ourselves for the experience. Yeah, the stress and sleeplessness part wasn’t me, but I was undeniably relieved when we got the thumbs up. Imagine the alternative.




Unfortunately, we have to wait for our swearing in thingy to become “properly” Canadian, and that may not be until September. It looks like the officials will be in Kelowna in May- the week of Charlotte’s wedding to be precise, when we will all be in MONTREAL! Hey ho, that’s the way it goes.  We’ve waited this long!



I can honestly say I haven’t used certain parts of my brain in almost 30 years and the past few days were a wee bit grueling for the old memory.  I blogged last week about CRAMMING CANADA, and how taxing it was to retain facts. I ended up using the “Laura” method, which involved thinking of acronyms, obscure word pictures, or just weird stuff. For example, Canada is a “federal state, parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy”, which seemed like a mouthful to me. So I thought of a few of my favourite things using the “Laura” method, and came up with “furry slippers, pretty dresses, and caramel macchiato”.  Perfectly locked in.  There are lots more where that came from- you may mock, but it got me a stellar 19 out of 20 in the test. Admittedly, Lyndon and Charlotte attained shiny full marks, but considering one has a political science degree almost wrapped up and the other is possibly the most studious man in his 40’s, I think I did pretty well!  🙂




Hopefully, I’ll remember at least some of the facts as I continue living in what I consider to be the BEST country in the world! I’m sure they’ll be another Canadian blog post come September, but for now that’s it. I have my daughter’s wedding in Montreal in May, back again for her Uni grad in June, and my middle one’s high school grad the following week. Add to that a book being published and another contracted to finish in the summer, as well as a huge writing opportunity with Vida Yum, I think I’ll have enough to keep me occupied.

And to think I can do all these marvelous things in the country of my dreams…

Blessed beyond measure… and just slightly delighted, eh?!