My new best friend arrived in the mail last week. I call her Shirley ‘coz she makes me curly…

I thought it was about time I ditched the 18-year old curling iron of yesteryear and invest in a current, clip-less “wand”. The fact I had a discount voucher swayed me to this particular brand, so I thought I’d share my find with you:









NuMe has a website choc full of hair styling contraptions and products for fantastic follicles,

but I plumbed for the 19mm magic wand in hot pink (of course).









Ironically, as soon as I placed my order, this disturbing Youtube clip on a curling wand disaster starting making the rounds; take a peek and you’ll understand my fear:

Poor girl! So far, I still have a full head of hair, although my husband keeps checking- clearly he has no faith in my mad styling skills! In saying that, a protective glove is included in the box, and it’s an absolute lifesaver. I am not fond of the smell of burning flesh, and this little wand gets VERY hot VERY quickly.









The good news- it’s super quick to curl your hair! I have totally straight hair with neither hint of wave nor flick (funny how we always want what we don’t have!), and it takes just a few short minutes to get me fully curled. Want bigger wavy curls? Grab a larger section of hair. Teeny, tiny ringlets? Simply use a little strand. Just make sure you wind the hair right to the end. Curling wands come in a variety of sizes, but I really like the 19” for versatility.

Plus the curls are long-lasting.












Who would have thought the world of curling irons/ tongs/ wands could have evolved this much? Guess I’ll have to try to keep up…

Feel free to comment below if you’ve used a NuMe wand, or even another brands for comparison- I’d love to hear your thoughts or tips.

By the way, If you see me in a hat, you’ll know I’ve had a “Youtube moment”, so please don’t ask!












Have a fabulous Friday and a wand-erful weekend,