Hip hip, hooray! Okay, there may have been more than THREE tears, but the decision was unanimous and Charlotte’s wedding dress has been purchased! Yay! (Phew!)

My post a couple of weeks ago: https://laurathomasauthor.com/2013/06/fabulous-fridays-saying-yes-to-the-dress/ hinted that we were in good shape with dress hunting, and the winner was discovered last week, and completely and utterly confirmed on Tuesday.

For any brides-to-be in Kelowna, British Columbia, I can thoroughly recommend Bliss Bridal for the ultimate experience in wedding dress etiquette. http://blissbridal.ca/













They were professional, attentive, sensitive, worked alterations in with our schedule, and will even store the dress insured until we need it. That will be a whole other blog post— me and “the dress” flying to Montreal together


Charlotte selected 3 generations as her “support group” for the dress reveal and final decision: my mother-in-law (visiting from the U.K.), her youngest brother Jacob (not many almost-14 year-old boys would embrace such a challenge), and myself. We were an unlikely cheering squad, but when the moment came to see our girl on the pedestal, there was not a dry eye in the house. It was a no-brainer and we were suitably dazzled by the vision before us.

It helped that Charlotte was grinning from ear to ear and had obviously fallen in love with the dress already. A little tip for anyone walking this journey- it made a huge difference when Charlotte took time to do her hair in a wedding style, her make-up was lovely, and she even wore prospective jewelry to give the full effect.













Her face lit up, and we all knew without a shadow of a doubt this was “it”, so Dad was texted immediately (he has the privilege of paying, after all.) He arrived in a whirlwind and his reaction was priceless, and more tears were shed all around (except the teen boy of course), and that was the final affirmation Charlotte needed.













So that’s it- the wedding dress dilemma is a distant memory, we can get on with the next thing on the planning list, and Charlotte can rest assured she will WOW her groom next May, and will be the most stunning bride imaginable.













I wish I could show you the dress, but you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say it is absolutely gorgeous and you can look forward to seeing MANY pics here next May! Three cheers for the dress!

Have a fabulous Friday,