This has absolutely nothing to do with a certain book series, and everything to do with nail polish! (I can almost hear you sigh with relief!)

If you already have grey in your nail polish collection, I know you’re currently giving me glossy-nailed thumbs up, but if you are yet to embark into the shades of grey, let me attempt to enlighten you…

Firstly, if you had told me a couple of years ago I would an ambassador for grey nails, I would have laughed in your face. My initial thought: dead person nails.

But then as I perused the OPI (my favorite brand) section of Sephora in the fall of 2011 (amazing how I have no recollection of the really vital parts of my life yet remember this experience with complete clarity), I happened across the “greys”. One in particular caught my eye:

*As a side note- can you imagine having the job of naming nail polish colors? It would be AWESOME!*


Name: “Under my trench coat”

Yes, it’s not very daring and kind of taupey, but I had to be broken in slowly. I absolutely loved it, and wore it a LOT. So this fall, I took it up a notch and went for something more daringly dark:

Name: “My empire… my rules”

Oh yes, I’m virtually Goth.

The thing with grey is it goes with EVERYTHING! No more slipping on the hot pink cardigan, looking down at your Christmassy red nails and cringing. Oh no- this is neutral and classy and rather refreshing.

Michelle Obama also sparked a wave of nail envy at a convention in September when she donned a very delicate lilac-grey shade, opening the floodgates for grey nails all over North America! Gorgeous:

My next indulgence will be a bottle of something lighter as I start thinking optimistic spring thoughts… maybe a more lilac-ish pale grey. Let me know if you have any super suggestions!

Let’s face it, nails are probably the most inexpensive accessory out there- you can match perfectly with an outfit, or go for complete contrast with a pop of random color. So much fun! It can even match your doggie’s collar…


Grey doesn’t have to be about gloomy winter clouds- paint up a storm of grey on your nails instead!

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend,