Yes, I’m a little pumped. Spectacular spectacles, four-eyes, bins, goggles, rims, call them what you like, but I’m rather excited about becoming a glasses person. Well, a part-time one at least.

My lovely optometrist (optician for you Brits) told me about 5 years ago that even though I had 20/20 at the time, I would probably have to join the masses and wear reading glasses when I hit 45. Boom! He was spot on. Pretty impressive.




Last week, I went in all prepared and wound up ready to select some fancy-shmancy designer frames for my first real pair of glasses. I had permission from the husband and everything. Imagine my disappointment when I was told I only needed an “over-the-counter” pair.

“You don’t need to get a prescription made, so it’s going to be a cheap fix for you this go around.” My face dropped, so he added, “But I can give you the name of a store where they sell some really cool frames.” I smiled. “Maybe in a few years you’ll need some ‘real’ ones.” I grinned.




And I shopped.

If you’re in Kelowna, check out: TWENTY TWENTY READING WEAR. (They are closing down in November so hurry in for some great deals!)




Life is glorious through my rose-colored glasses…

Okay, they’re not rose-colored exactly. Actually, I ended up HAVING to buy 2 pairs because they were on sale. My wonderful logic strikes again. I bought one pair of “serious” looking frames:




And a fun pair in bright turquoise, for those quirky moments:




I know, I’m kind of weird. I honestly don’t like wearing glasses per se, but I love the idea of them. They are so author-ish and smack of an intense writer, don’t you think? Oh, I realize I only need them for when I’m on my laptop for long periods of time, and maybe for reading when the old eyes get tired, but I’m still a little giddy. Literally giddy actually (must remember to take them off before standing and walking.)

The youngest child is now redundant in the medical department (“What’s the dosage on the side of this medicine bottle with ridiculously minute writing?”) I can read my REAL Bible again, rather than cheating by upping the font on my I Phone. I can also thread a needle without getting a migraine. Maybe this is all part of me “growing old gracefully”…. or not.

So here’s to all the intellectual-looking glasses wearers out there!




Have a fabulous Friday… with or without spectacles,