I thought it would be fun to do a somewhat frivolous blog each Friday on all things fabulous, as I’m rather missing the “Festive Food Friday” series I posted leading up to Christmas!

Basically I’ll share with you any great finds I stumble across in the worlds of fashion, make-up, books, blogs, recipes- you get the gist. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave comments or questions at the end of each blog.

For those of you who prefer “serious inspirational Laura”, I will most definitely continue to blog about more important issues of the heart, plus I’ll keep posting on my “Bible Devos” page. But I want an opportunity to impart some practical (or sometimes completely impractical) things, too. Hope you are okay with that…

So…. I want to kick this off with a fantastic find- actually it was my daughter who recommended this to me.








It’s an absolute gem. Don’t believe me? Visit their website and check them out:


“Darling says women are not only interesting, but original, not only good enough, but exceptional, not just here, but here for a purpose.”

It’s definitely the most positive, engaging, encouraging magazine for women out there. They are counter-cultural in the world of women’s magazines whilst being completely current. Fashion, fitness, current events, health, recipes, you name it- they cover it. The writing is superb, the photos gorgeous… you have to see for yourself!

Plus, there are 3 options:

*Free- visit their website and take it all in!

*Download their amazing magazine for just $5 (US)

*Order the “real” magazine in the mail… I have to say, I was a bit tentative about paying close to $30 including postage, but it was for my daughter as a surprise Christmas gift, so I caved. Result- more like a book than a magazine, stunning quality, a ton of reading and a thing of beauty to leave on the coffee table in the living room. Well, her apartment kitchen table at Uni for now!











I hope I’ve tempted you to at least take a look at the website- let me know what you think of it.

Have a fabulous Friday, and a wonderful weekend…