What’s the easiest, cheapest accessory to interchange and help you look current/ funky/ classy/ coordinated all year round? Why yes, it’s NAIL POLISH! And if you haven’t heard of JULEP before, allow me to introduce you…




When I was told about a company with wonderful beauty products, specializing in nail polish, who delivered a box of goodies to your door each month, my heart fluttered just a little. Becoming a “MAVEN” means taking a style profile fun questionnaire, and then seeing which group you fit into best… I am “Boho Glam”. Oh yes!

The Little Black Box:




The most exciting part about being a Maven is the little black box you will receive in the mail, nicely packaged full of your goodies. Here’s what I unwrapped in my first one, which also came with TWO FREE nail colors (yay):








The Cool Stuff:

*Shipping is free (gotta love that)

*You can cancel any time (cost is $19.99 per month), or opt out any months you like

*You can gift your black box to a friend- great birthday present!

*You can choose from 5 different combos if you don’t want the one from your selected style profile

*Nail Color is “4-free” and does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP

*They pop a little surprise in the box- because we love little surprises!


Best of all, this polish is AMAZING. It goes on smoothly and chips less than any other brand I have used. I had a blast with minty green fingers and teal toes, and then tried a creamy neutral and wonderfully rich plum. I’m already looking forward to my September box:




Let me know if you take the plunge and see how Julep has nailed it and what all the excitement is about in the little black box!

Have a fabulous Friday,