I am beside myself with excitement. May is shaping up to be the most incredible month ever, with events such as Mothers’ Day, my birthday (yes, I still get excited), our 25th wedding anniversary (yes, we got married at the age of 12), 10 nights on our celebratory second honeymoon at a couples resort in St.Lucia, etc. etc. You know, the usual.








And to kick it all off, my princess is coming home TOMORROW! Charlotte will be back from Uni in Montreal for a much-needed summer break before she embarks upon her final year. We haven’t seen her since Christmas, and I am dying for some girly catch-up time. Seriously, the female bulldog doesn’t count.


I know my somewhat heart wrenching blog “The Princess Bed” hit a chord for many of you, and if you didn’t catch it the first time, you can read it here:


As a part 2, here is the room all ready for her return. Not a ruffle in sight!



























I do confess I get a pang when I walk in there, thinking this is most probably her last summer coming home. An exciting journey awaits her, and I’ll be there cheering her on every step of the way…

I also decided a new treat was required for the homecoming, so I baked these RED VELVET CHEESECAKE SWIRL BROWNIES… hopefully there will still be some left tomorrow!











Check out the recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction: http://tinyurl.com/bh5esza
WARNING: Her recipes are so alluring, you may be tempted to try others. It happened to me, and this was the result:














Okay, Miss Charlotte, your room is ready and so am I…. here’s to a summer full of planning, giggling, sharing and loving spending precious moments with my daughter!



Hope your Friday is fabulous,