I was determined to have an “in” day today.

This year, it feels like I fell INTO the autumn season rather than fell FOR it. I usually like to savour the changes at a steady pace and appreciate the newness fall inevitably brings, but it seems as if I haven’t had chance- it sort of happened all on its own. Hence my “in” day.

I put it down to my impromptu UK trip at the end of August, which brought me home after school had started up and put me in perpetual catch up mode ever since. I always get blind-sided by Canadian Thanksgiving, and this year we were in the States so I didn’t even have to be prepared in the turkey/ pumpkin pie department.




Honestly, I feel the need to drink in the beauty of fall before the craziness of Christmas rolls around.

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
George Eliot 

The fall issue of my DARLING magazine arrived early in September, and has been taunting me from the glass shelf of my coffee table on a daily basis. I refused to pick it up until I had my “moment” to enjoy it in peace and quiet and preferably, with a yummy pumpkin spice latte in hand.



And so today, with my household chores accomplished at lightening speed, and an afternoon of writing ahead of me, I took an hour with my DARLING at lunch time, and read about autumn. Hope, hats, global adventure, and carrying traditions, all with a fall flare.




You’ll notice, I had to resort to a home made version of my pumpkin spice latte- because of my “in” day. Darn it. Why don’t Starbucks do delivery? Anyway, it wasn’t half bad- here’s the recipe if you’re interested (or having an “in” day), special thanks to Pinterest!

There’s something promise-filled about the fall. Anticipation, dreams, new beginnings, the start of classes, apples and pumpkins, fresh perspectives, a chill in the air, home made soup, a bracing walk in crunching leaves, scarves and boots, a last glimmer of sunshine to warm the skin… the chance to take a moment. Enjoy the blessings.




Will you take a moment to fall for fall this weekend?

I hope so. It’ll be worth it.

Have a fabulous Friday,