This fa-la-la festive season, if you happen to find yourself at our place, chances are you will be regaled with Christmas music via vinyl— the good old-fashioned way! The main reason being, Lyndon had a record player for his birthday, and it’s opened up a whole new (old) world for us all. Sorry kids  🙂




These past weeks, I can’t tell you how many times Lyndon has joyfully declared, “Best present EVER!” regarding the above, but it soon became evident we were in desperate need of some variety in the vinyl. He hoarded sensibly kept hold of his old records from the 80’s and early 90’s, and shipped them over from the UK when we immigrated. I’ll admit, I eye-rolled and did the “Really?” thing (complete with hand on hip) numerous times, but it turns out this was a very cool hoarding sentimental decision.


I am no connoisseur, but apparently, records offer superior sound compared to the CD, and quite frankly, there is nothing quite like removing a weighty black circle from it’s colorful sleeve, placing it on the turntable, and positioning the stylus just so on the first track. Super old records sound SOOO amazing and authentic with their slight crackle. But the kids and I can only take so much from The Who, Level 42, Spandau Ballet, and The Jam….




So we discovered a hidden gem right here in downtown Kelowna. Underground Music sells new and old and rare and bizarre records anywhere from $2.99 and up. For those of us willing to admit our age, spending time pawing through vinyl from yesteryear is an incredibly nostalgic experience. Abba, Olivia Newton-John, U2, and Cliff Richard all bring back memories galore (some better than others!) Watching my hubby’s face light up like a kid in a candy store is absolutely priceless!








I was equally thrilled to discover some Christmassy golden oldies:

Nat King Cole anyone? Not to mention Elvis and a bit of Pavarotti. Best of all, I dug out a copy of Boney M’s Christmas Album. Oh my word.

Boney M’s 1978 classic Mary’s Boy Child. If you are too young to even know who Boney M are, you simply HAVE to check out this particular gem on Youtube: Plus if you do remember and choose to forget, have a listen anyway… it’ll take you back! Ahhh white fur…




Whether you are into the old records or not, why not locate some of the rich, warm Christmas music of the past, and kick the season off with some rockin’ retro or vintage vinyl?

Rockin’ around my Christmas tree…