We are all familiar with the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but this Fabulous Friday we’re going to do just that!

Obviously, as an author, I LOVE books! They take me on fantastic adventures, pull me onto emotional roller coasters, increase my knowledge, edify my soul, and fill me with nostalgia!

(My old books!)











My love of reading started when I was very young, and books played a major role in my childhood, with favorites such as Little Women and Milly-Molly-Mandy. I’ve delighted in teaching my own children to read and treasure the beauty of books, and am ecstatic to now be a legitimate member of the writing world myself:

(Totally shameless plug: my book TEARS TO DANCING)














I’ll be honest- when the e-reader first made an appearance I was mortified. Who in their right mind would want to replace the tantalizingly tactile experience of holding a book and turning pages with an impersonal screen? Who indeed…

(My eclectic bookshelves!)















I felt like a big fat traitor at first, but being able to take 10 weightless novels on vacation and sit in the glaring sun with a crystal clear screen to read from won me over. Not to mention all the great Kindle freebies you can get your hands on…

Does that mean I’ll never buy another “real” book again? No! But I admit that now I will only buy a book if I’m drawn to the cover- otherwise I might as well download it in 2 seconds flat. I know that probably makes me horribly superficial and shallow, but I am a visual creature. Can’t help it! Here are a few of my favorites I simply couldn’t bring myself to merely download:

(VINTAGE JESUS by Mark Driscoll, SWAN HOUSE by Elizabeth Musser, REDEEMING LOVE by Francine Rivers)


























(WINTER GARDEN and NIGHT ROAD by Kristin Hannah)














The bookstore isn’t disappearing any time soon- have you been in one lately? In an age where our EYES are forced to glare at screens for a good chunk of the day, treat yours to a real book. Allow your FINGERS to roam the shelves and peruse the spines of classics and contemporaries. Expand your MIND with something new and fresh and inspiring.

Want some ideas? Check out my Pinterest board on BOOKS WORTH READING: http://pinterest.com/lauracthomas/for-the-pleasure-of-reading/

Go ahead- judge a book by its cover!

Happy reading, and have a fabulous Friday!