I’m nuts about coconuts! The smell, taste, texture, flavor, color, origin… there’s just something pure and perfect about these grungy-on-the–outside, delectable-on–the-inside tropical spheres of goodness.












I think it all began many moons ago with a British commercial for the Bounty chocolate bar… here’s the YouTube clip for those of you Brits who are ready for a blast from the past:













Let’s face it, chocolate and coconut are a match made in heaven! Here’s a recipe for my fave coconut cookies (of course, I add a cup of chocolate chops for chocoholic purposes!)













The coconut was once deemed unhealthy with its saturated fat content, and we were encouraged to avoid it like the plague in the kitchen, but not so today! YAY! Coconut is now recognized as a nutritious super food that is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and can actually help you LOSE weight. It’s incredibly healthy, not to mention delicious- try light coconut milk when cooking rice, use coconut oil rather than vegetable oil, use coconut in curries, sauces and baking, or indulge in a coconut Greek yummy yoghurt (which I simply adore!)!


As a beauty product, coconut oil is phenomenal because it’s readily absorbed by the skin- not to mention the fact that you are mentally transported to a tropical beach every time you breathe in.












I have this little goodie from Body Shop packed away to take on vacation later in the year- it even has a shimmer to make you look as good as you smell!

I realize it’s only February, and many of us are still in snow season and spring feels an uncomfortably long way away, but I think it’s time to think tropical thoughts- both in your food and on your skin!












Go crazy for coconut!

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend,