I’m not COMPLETELY obsessed with coconuts, but I do find them beautifully summery and delicious, especially at this time of year. So I’m going to blog about them again.

It might be because I currently smell like a coconut:












Philosophy Coconut Frosting shower gel- smells divine and even comes with a recipe! http://tinyurl.com/ku58ghx













Body Shop always has coconut products on the go. I picked up the body butter shimmer version at Christmas and saved it for my vacay… when I would actually feel the need to shimmer!

Or it may be because I just made these fantastic little caramel coconut macaroons:











Many thanks as always, to Pinterest. I omitted the toffee bits and they were still utterly delightful. I also used milk chocolate, which may have been a mistake as it’s my favorite. If I want to share then next time I’ll use semi-sweet…


But I do have some cool, new coconut pics. Whilst in St. Lucia (huge sigh), Lyndon and I had the honor of having a coconut actually handpicked for us right there on the beach. Our limber friend, Ricky, displayed his mad agility skills when he shimmied up a palm tree for us.














It was fairly magnificent, and a wee bit scary.












Oh the coconut milk was scrumptious! Note to all: the young, green coconuts give the very best sweet milk. The old, brown, hairy ones- not so much.











I hope this has given you a little inspiration this weekend to either bake something wonderfully coconutty, indulge in coconut body lotions and potions, or maybe even climb a tree!

Have a fabulous Friday,