On this sunny spring morning, I decided to take a couple of hours out and do something I very rarely make time for- perusing my local little boutiques. I don’t know why I usually go on autopilot and hit the big mall, when I could support the little guy and find far more unique merchandise. Shame on me!

I didn’t get very far today, because here in Kelowna, B.C., Cranberry Junction was the first store I popped into:












This is one of my favorites, and I am going to make a conscious effort to frequent this gem more often (sorry, husband!) It’s laden with treasures from girly gifts, accessories, interesting household items, and the most gorgeous line of clothing.












Check out their website here:











Feminine, classy, and everything from strapless maxi dresses to polka dot pants, the feel is fresh yet classic, boasting precious prints and luxurious lace. Lit by chandeliers yet comfortable and warm, it’s the sort of store that makes you smile when you walk in, and spring felt springier in Cranberry Junction today!









What caught my eye, I hear you ask? Well, having magpie tendencies, I was instantly drawn to a particularly sparkly pair of flip-flops… perfect for my Caribbean vacay, which is fast approaching!











Also, a mint and cream striped fitted maxi skirt to pop in the case… I love it because at a mere 5’2”, some maxis can drown me in a sea of fabric, but this one clings in all the right places and is deliciously comfortable.


I also picked up a few gifts from the wide variety of loveliness.










Do you support your local little businesses? I know I’m guilty of jumping in my car and shopping at destinations where I can get it all done quickly, but I’m going to endeavor to make time and think twice. Fresher produce, unique fashions, and generally friendlier service- it’s a no-brainer!


I finished my morning jaunt by doing something else I never have time for- a drive to nowhere in particular. Music up, sunroof down, I wove through apple orchards and country roads, just enjoying my surroundings!


I know our days are frantic and fast-paced, but take a little time to be a visitor in  your neighborhood. You never know what you might discover…










Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend,