I realize my recent blogs have been somewhat mother of the bride and wedding themed (no duh!), but it’ll only be for the next couple of months, I promise 🙂  In fact, this little post is about my new favourite boutique. Yes, it happens to be in Montreal, and yes, I happened to be there looking for wedding rehearsal dresses and honeymoon clothing, but it’s really all about the clothes!

My daughter Charlotte told me about Boutique 1861 several months ago, and she found a stunning dress there for her bridal shower:


The clincher for me was that this little boutique is just a FIVE-MINUTE walk from her apartment! Dangerously close. The overall style is feminine and pretty- everything from lacy shorts to delicately embroidered party dresses to sophisticated blouses… all with incredible detail and unexpected extras. They also have a sister store down the street called La Petite Garconne with more plain, solid colours and styles. The real bonus is that these clothes are actually affordable- you half expect it to be one of those “I’m just looking” stores, but most of it is surprisingly well priced. Check out the website and see for yourself:



Or peruse their Pinterest boards:



The service is first class at 1861- the girls are incredibly helpful and honest when you try things on, and both Charlotte and I ended up with some items they actually found for us. It’s a gem if you are looking for an occasion dress, and Charlotte bought the perfect dress for her wedding rehearsal dinner (another item checked off the list). She also purchased some gorgeous clothes for her honeymoon in St.Lucia… it was a little surreal thinking of the sunny Caribbean when it was minus 17 degrees outside! In fact, we were given a pair of those funky papery slippers to put over our snow boots whilst shopping, you know, the ones surgeons where in the operating theatre. The only extractions happening for us were coming from our wallets…



So yes, I bought a couple of beautiful blouses and maybe a skirt, and when I got home I ordered a couple of dresses and a spring top. You know when you try something on and dither, then go back and it’s gone and you’re gutted? Well that happened, and then before I even got onto the plane, Charlotte texted me a picture of said dress saying they had one online. Score! Budget blown.



That’s it for now- check out the links and if you happen to be heading to Montreal anytime soon, check out this boutique beauty…

Have a fabulous Friday,