Here we are, the last day in January. How’s it going? The winter blahs getting to you? Are all those wonderful resolutions and plans for a better, brighter you going as you’d hoped? I can’t help noticing the parking lot at the gym is decidedly emptier than it was at the beginning of the month! Even if things have gone a little sideways, don’t despair. There’s always something you can do to keep yourself active, even in the chilly season. Chin up!


Here’s the thing. I’m not a huge fan of the freezing temperatures, and I secretly long for the sweltering hot balmy days of July. But today, as I gaze out at the fresh new dump of snow covering my yard, I realize we have to make the most of every day living in beautiful B.C., and so I thought I would share my current “active/ fitness” regime with you. I’m certainly no expert, but I’m at the age where I know I need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my agenda, and hopefully it will give you inspiration, or maybe even some ideas for mixing up your existing activities.


Firstly, I’m a Zumba addict. I take an hour-long class at H2O Kelowna three mornings each week, and I absolutely love it. Really, what’s not to love… awesome music, sweet dance moves, a heart rate through the roof, and great people of all ages to sweat with in a great big fitness party. It’s way too much fun to be classed as exercise really, but we all come out of that room well and truly Zumba’d. Check it out:


My other indoor nice-and-warm activity is ballroom dancing. The hubby and I go once a week for an hour-long class learning and mastering (bahahahaha) salsa, cha cha, tango, waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, nightclub 2-step, and anything else that’s out there. It’s something fun we can do as a couple so it’s our mini “date night”, plus it keeps us on our toes both physically and mentally.  We hope to put it into practice without thoroughly embarrassing ourselves at our daughter’s wedding reception in May! Here’s where we go in Kelowna:


I admire those all-weather die-hard types who run outside in -15 degrees, but I’m afraid that’s a little much for me. I will don my running shoes in March, once the snow has gone and I can breathe in air that doesn’t hurt… but I still want to do something outdoors now. Lyndon and I are at the stage in life where we really aren’t missed on Saturday mornings anymore (teen boys and all that.) Gone are the days of watching cartoons with our little ones and ferrying them to soccer or ballet (the ballet would be for the girl, just to clarify), so we decided early Saturdays would be our snowshoeing time. We’re not skiers, and I always lamented not being able to truly embrace the great outdoors in our gorgeous snowy climate, so we discovered snowshoeing last year. It’s a fantastic workout and we can choose a route in the mountains and just be out there in the winter wonderland for as long as we like. Our favourites are Big White and Telemarc.


There’s nothing like feeling a little winter sunshine on your face. Actually any exercise will give you a boost and help you feel more alive. Got any interesting ideas? Let me know- I’d love to here what you do to keep fit and feeling fabulous.


Whatever your activity of choice, embrace these winter months and stay active and healthy, even when you’re tempted to make like a bear and hibernate. Admit it, we’ve all had those thoughts! I have to drag my sorry self out of bed most mornings. Lily, our adorable English bulldog, is prone to be a couch-hog especially at this time of year- no wait, she’s like it ALL through the year, but she has a special message for you (even if it is a tad hypocritical!):


Soon enough we’ll be complaining it’s too hot to exercise…

Enjoy every day!