It’s hard to believe exactly a year ago today I officially became a published author! I feel giddy thinking about the moment my authoring dream became a reality!

(me- giddy last year!)














And as an anniversary gift to my patient readers of TEARS TO DANCING who wonder what happens next in the story, it gives me enormous pleasure to announce…(drum roll)…


I have a second novel being published by Dancing With Bear Publishing! The sequel, Christian teen fiction TEARS OF A PRINCESS, is coming soon!


I will post details with dates and covers as soon as we have them, but here’s the blurb:

“For fifteen year-old Natasha Smithson-Blair, life couldn’t get any worse. The shocking news of her parents’ divorce on top of her own deep, dark secret threatens to tip her over the edge, until her best friend Bethany suggests a missions trip. Absurd yet enticing, Natasha tentatively agrees and embarks upon an emotional journey, which opens her eyes and her heart to both devastation and joy. Her ice-princess façade is penetrated by a love so compelling it cannot be ignored. Will further heartache rock her world again, or will she cling to the promise of truth?”


A second book is like having a second child- I sort of know what to expect, am a little less naïve, yet realize this next one could be a completely different animal! But I’m more than ready for the ride, and hope you’ll join me by reading it and giving me some honest feedback. As any author will tell you, writing can be a very lonely road, and supportive friends along the way are priceless (that’s you!)

A moment of vulnerability: Just this week, I held my writing up to God, questioning whether I was in the right place, spending so much time penning stories and thoughts- I love it so much, it doesn’t feel like “work” to me. I even wondered what my life would look like without it… and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty! That very morning, two book signing events were accepted, payment of stories with the promise of continuing writing for a magazine, topped off royally by my amazing publishers confirming the publication of TEARS OF A PRINCESS.

I love it when God goes over the top with his answer! And so I will continue to write with joy in my heart- I have numerous projects on the go and adore each and every one. But today I want to thank my readers, and hope you will join me as I celebrate with TEARS….










Wishing you a fabulous Friday,