Summer’s just around the corner, plus I am still on my “vacation high”, so today’s post is all about the romantic destination of St.Lucia.

Whether you’re looking for a tropical getaway someday in the future, or just love learning about interesting, beautiful places in the world, I hope you’ll enjoy this tribute to what is referred to as the most romantic island in the Caribbean. I want to share with you specifically, the Rendezvous all-inclusive resort, “a boutique hotel for couples” where we were dazzled and pampered for 10 glorious days…(sigh)…











Their website is really great, and incredibly accurate- which is always a bonus! When you arrive you will be delighted to discover the resort really LOOKS like the pics on their site. There’s always that scary element of booking online- PLEASE don’t let it be half-built and filled with cockroaches… well I’m pleased to report it was completely stunning! My hubby sang my praises constantly for finding this gem:

What amazed me was the fact that even though we knew the resort was full, we often felt like we had the place to ourselves. Secluded alcoves, loungers for two, a sprawling area which was never crowded. Sometimes we were the only ones in the pool, or had the stretch of ocean to ourselves!











The “lazy river” was one of our favorite places, and we always found a perfect spot waiting for us by the waterfalls, surrounded by foliage (even bananas), and were treated to cocktails while we relaxed- heaven forbid we should move!











The lush gardens are absolutely immaculate, and beg you to take a moment for a stroll with your honey- there were even chandeliers in the trees! Really!











We enjoyed a “luxury beachfront room” with gorgeous décor , a mahogany, four poster king-sized bed, dressing area, and a hammock on the balcony, where we could watch the sunsets and take in the palm trees and Malibar beach right below us.





















The food- do NOT get me started with the food… oh my! Let’s just say that we were torn whether to choose the gourmet 5 course fine dining at the resort’s Trysting Place, or stick with the incredible multi-course buffet and eat alongside the beach. The selection was huge, the quality topnotch, and oh the chocolate desserts… be prepared to bring your fat pants for the journey home!









The outstanding personal service struck us the most at the Rendezvous. Nothing was too much trouble, the servers were incredibly friendly and obviously happy in their employment. We celebrated my birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary during our stay, and were surprised by bottles of champagne, beautiful tropical floral arrangements, bucks fizz breakfasts, and then we went the extra mile and treated ourselves to a magical dinner for 2 on the beach. That was the most romantic, surreal evening of our 25 years, and we will never, ever forget it!











You really don’t have to venture from the resort at all, but we walked into Casteries, the capital, and experienced the bustling markets, and also did a sailing day down to Soufriere to see the botanical gardens, Diamond Waterfalls, and the drive-in volcano. Honestly, we were shocked by the poverty as we saw how the locals lived- it was quite heartbreaking on times. But the people of St. Lucia are among the warmest, most joyful individuals you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.











I could go on and on  sharing my love of this place ( I have around 600 photos…) and thoroughly recommend both the Rendezvous and St.Lucia. I got to relax in luxury and do all my favorite things- beaching, reading, eating, walking, lounging, swimming, sailing- all with my favorite man. I will save my thoughts on celebrating 25 years of marriage to my best friend for another day, but I hope I’ve given you a little peek into the most romantic location I can possibly imagine…











Wishing you a fabulous Friday wherever you are,