Yeah, I’m certainly no spring chicken, but it IS now spring and I have an awesome chicken recipe to share, hence the genius title! I actually have three glorious recipes for you this fabulous foody Friday- hopefully at least one of them will tantalize your taste buds. Spring is a great time to try your hand at some new, fresh meal ideas, so let’s get started with the chicken of all chickens:


Now before I take any credit whatsoever for this dish, I have to confess that it’s my husband’s handiwork. Not only did he find the recipe online, but also it’s a rule that he and he alone creates Cajun chicken in our kitchen. It’s his baby, and if it means I get a day off cooking, I am more than happy to pass the baton/ frying pan. If you like spicy and a 20 out of 10 for tastiness, you HAVE to try this:



Find the recipe at: TALES FROM A KITCHEN

WARNING: This recipe is for 2 people, however there is no need to double the Creole butter if you are cooking for four or more. We tried doubling everything the first time and only just lived to tell the tale. Really.  S-p-i-c-y. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus, this is chicken perfection with a killer kick.






Find the recipe at: RECIPE GIRL 

Meet my new salad obsession. I made it twice this week- once with chicken and once with turkey bacon. It is bursting with all my favourite ingredients (plus my new friend, the toasted pine nut) and is finished off with a tangy Dijon mustard dressing. I could live off this for weeks. *note to my boys- don’t panic, I won’t actually* But I’m just saying I could…


And finally…




Recipe found at: MARTHA STEWART.COM

You knew I had to have chocolate in here somewhere. Lyndon and I have been trying so hard to cut down on the sugary yummy stuff recently, but I dare not cut it out altogether. Me without chocolate= ugly bear. So here’s a decadent dessert from Martha Stewart- pretty easy to put together and the mint chocolate combo is always a huge hit. It’s rich yet fairly light at the same time, and you only need a slither. I shaved a big ol’ bar of Cadbury’s mint chocolate over the top for good measure. Plus for some reason, I feel slightly less guilty serving it with raspberries or blackberries!


Hope you’ll take a look at one or all of these thoroughly recommended recipes. Let me know if you actually try one out!

Have a fabulous Friday,