There’s nothing quite like the scent of lavender. It’s distinct fragrance conjures up memories for everyone, from Grandma’s drawer liners to the somewhat dubious “perfume” we meticulously concocted as children.

Last week I found a gem right under my nose here in Kelowna. B.C., and I was so impressed, I feel it’s my duty to share it with you:



I’ve lived in Kelowna for 18 years, but for some reason was unaware that this lavender labyrinth was literally five minutes from my home. What made me check it out? I had my mother-in-law visiting from the U.K., and was running out of ideas suitable for a flower-loving senior, so this was a no-brainer. July is the absolute best month to experience it in full splendour, but you can find all their hours and details on the website above.

I dragged along my teenaged son and my camera “just in case there was anything nice to take pictures of”, and all 3 generations ended up having a blast!




A calm, soothing atmosphere awaits the visitor to the Okanagan Lavender Farm, and on a sweltering July afternoon, we were grateful for an air-conditioned gift shop displaying lavender products from lavender teas to jellies to loaf mixes to perfume to bath oils to eye pillows… you get the gist. A little something for everyone.






Feel like a little treat? Out on the deck is a quaint café with panoramic lake views over gardens of lavender. We indulged in lavender lemonade (incredibly refreshing), lavender scones with lavender jelly, and a savory cheese and fruit platter, and once again, I asked myself, “Why have I never been here before? Duh!”




Revived and rejuvenated, we decided to brave the heat and wander around the lavender gardens. For just $5.50 entrance fee (free for the under 15’s), it’s well worth the price. Who knew there were so many different types of lavender? Clearly, not I.




Each section is beautifully landscaped, and there are peaceful areas to sit and rest awhile. A maze, a tiny museum, ponds, paths, herb gardens, and a “wishing tree” all add to the complete lavender experience.  We were particularly excited about the wishing tree, and joined fellow visitors in writing our own wishes on ribbon and tying them up alongside countless others, to whisper special thoughts into  the breeze.




So I have 2 questions for you if you are a local here in Kelowna.

One– why, oh why have you not been to the Okanagan Lavender Farm?

Two– if you HAVE been, why haven’t you told ME about it before???

If you have visitors coming to town (and we all do, because we live in a little piece of paradise!) take them to check out the lavenders. And if you’re reading this from across the globe, maybe you should come anyway…


Personally, I can’t wait to try out my lavender jelly and lavender sugar sprinkled on a nice lemon loaf.




Tempted? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend,