I’ll admit- I have a major city-crush on Montreal. Possibly because I have flown out there 3 times so far this year and it almost feels like home, but mainly because it’s such a cool city in so many ways. I know I’ve mentioned it (a lot) in past blogs, but I want to dedicate this one to the most beautiful, magical part in my humble opinion: OLD MONTREAL.

After the excitement of our daughter’s Montreal wedding, we decided to fly back for her grad and stay in Old Montreal, to get a real feel for this charming spot. I have to say, we were not disappointed. From the cobbled streets to the vast array of fantastic restaurants to the stunning architecture to the waterfront to the Notre Dame Cathedral— it’s all breathtaking.




In fact, relaxing in the bustling square outside the Notre Dame Cathedral on a glorious Sunday afternoon, we could have been in Italy or Spain or France. Oh Canada, how you confuse me!

Lyndon and I stayed at the gorgeous St.Sulpice luxury hotel  and were thoroughly spoiled. Just a few steps from the cathedral, we were a stone’s throw from everything important, like Creperie Chez Suzette for stuffed crepes and Mon Plaisir Cafe for hazelnut chocolate croissants. I would thoroughly recommend staying here to soak in the atmosphere— we frequently hung out of our French window watching horses and carriages alongside uber cool sports cars (which I don’t know the names of). My husband was particularly excited to be there in June, as the whole city was vamping up for the annual Grand Prix, and he’s a humungous fan. We won’t mention the fact that we missed the actual event as we had to fly home for child number 2’s grad. Maybe next year, honey? 🙂

The St.Sulpice:



As a picture paints a thousand words (and is far more pleasant than me trying to waffle my way through the merits of Old Montreal), here are some of my personal highlights we stumbled across:










Fascinating. Each little street was an Aladdin’s cave: boutiques, historical buildings, French restaurants, cafes spilling outside onto pavements, and an energy that buzzed late into the night. We walked until we could no longer feel our feet, and that’s the best way to get around the entire city.You won’t want to miss a thing. But my favourite activity was taking a horse and carriage ride around Old Montreal. Our animated driver, Jacques, and his adorable horse Cinderella (how utterly perfect is that?) took us on a guided tour, explaining points of interest in his wonderfully thick French accent.






I totally should have been a princess. Yeah, yeah, I know.


Here’s my list of “do not miss” in Old Montreal:

*Notre Dame Cathedral- either take a tour or watch the “And Then There Was Light” show

*Experience a guided horse and carriage ride- either 30 minutes or an hour

*Eat. A lot. So many choices… Italian- Salumi Vino , Indian- Kashmir , French- La Gargote, to name but a few.

*Stroll along the port waterfront and check out the yachts

*Sit outside a cafe with a croissant and cappuccino, and people-watch

*Sample all manner of maple syrup and treats at Maple Delights (plus bring home something delicious- check out their macaroons!)

*Shop— some interesting finds, including the adorable Christmas store Noel Eternel (although my favourite stores are further up in the city)

*Take in the heart of Old Montreal at Place Jacques-Cartier



I hope you get to visit this place one day. Well worth inserting on your bucket list.

Until next time, magical Old Montreal (and I’m pretty sure there will be a next time!)