Oh my, here we are just SIX months away from The Big Day in Montreal! It’s so crazily exciting- even with Charlotte being over 2,000 miles away, we manage to burst into hysterical moments of wedding joy thanks to Skype, phone calls and texting (with emoticons- they help immensely.)

I wouldn’t say I’m getting mother-of-the-bride pre-wedding jitters exactly, but I am having occasional “What?” moments. Like:

*What SHOULD I be planning, because I feel as if I am forgetting something major…?”

*What on earth am I going to WEAR to the wedding?”

*What is the mother-of-the-bride actually supposed to DO?”

*“My little girl is getting married. WHAAAAT?!”

But I’m very calm on the exterior. Thankfully.


The wedding invitations arrived today. They are absolutely beautiful- designed by one of Charlotte’s future sisters-in-law, which makes them extra special. That’s my job over the weekend- I’m going to write envelopes and mail off the invites to family and friends, near and very far away.

It makes it all feel very real. And very close. Are you SURE there’s not something major I’ve forgotten to do?  Tick tock.


We seem to be on schedule with everything thus far- Charlotte’s dress (*sigh*), veil, shoes, Ryan’s tux and shoes (because he’s important, too!), the church is booked, reception with food, flowers, and table settings arranged, invitations almost en route… I think we’re doing okay. Still a few more decisions to be made, but all in all, we’re on schedule. Miraculously.

I think I’ll feel a lot more relaxed once I’ve got my outfit together. I know it’s not a huge deal, but people are starting to ask me what MY dress is like, and whether I’m going to blend with the bridesmaids or go “au contraire”!


I have come to the conclusion that mother-of-the-bride dresses are the ugliest creations ever designed by spiteful fashionistas with mother issues. Have you ever Googled “mother-of-the-bride dresses”? I dare you. Or check out the boards on Pinterest. Horrific. What am I to do? Any suggestions are very welcome at this point, lest I resort to donning one of these:


The good news is, I have the shoes and matching clutch bag. I bought them in England on a whim. And they are neutral yet sparkly, so I think I’m safe:


That’s all in my world of wedding-ness for now. Thanks for letting me vent. My next major goal (other than finding something to wear) is to prepare a fantastic bridal shower next month, when Charlotte is home for Christmas.  Again, any inspiration/ advice/ tips/ things I must NOT do, would be appreciated. I want this to be a non-stressful, intimate, gorgeous event for my gorgeous girl. Something she’ll look back on fondly. I’m pretty pumped about it – I even started a Pinterest board:


So many details to delight in and memories to be made…. Ahh, the life of a mother-of-the bride!

Wishing you a fabulous Friday as I relish the anticipation of the forthcoming nuptials with a sprinkling of sanity,