You can tell it’s been a busy summer when you haven’t even had the opportunity to read the summer edition of Darling magazine, and suddenly they are taking pre-orders for the fall issue!

Surely summer isn’t passing us by already? No, we have plenty of time. Relax. Yes, Costo has Christmas cards already on display and chunky sweaters are popping up all over the mall, but it’s still over 30 degrees and I’m determined to hang on to summer for as long as I can. Starting with my summer Darling



If you’re a regular here, you’ll know it’s the one magazine I rave about. Even my youngest said to me today, “You’re blogging about a magazine? Really?” He just doesn’t understand. It’s DARLING.










Really, it’s more like a beautiful book than a mag. It’s chock-full of breathtaking quotes and fascinating articles from sailing to revamping your wardrobe to overcoming party awkwardness to taking road trips, all with a positive spin on being who you were created to be. No ads. No diet fads. Incredibly countercultural. Unbelievably simple, yet freeing.

If you live close by, come and borrow a copy from me. If not, do not lose heart, because the fall issue is coming soon, and if you pre-order there is an added bonus of a digital version for FREE! It “will inspire you to look for beauty in unexpected places and sharpen your mind as this golden season approaches”. Lovely.




I embrace every season and declare it my favourite, but Darling captures the beauty in a very special way and applies it to 8 different aspects of being a woman: Dreamer, Achiever, Stylist, Confidant, Explorer, Intellectual, Hostess and Beautician. We are such complex creatures, but “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Let me know if you decide to become a “Dear Darling”. For about the price of 2 caramel ribbon frappuccinos a month (at least in Canada)… and a lot less sugar, it’s a worthwhile investment!

Enjoy some summer reading and have a fabulous Friday,