Does anyone else feel like they are coming off an Easter high? (And I’m not merely referring to the sugar rush after the inordinate amount of chocolate I consumed!) Easter is such a significant time of year in the Christian calendar, and I tend to feel a bit wobbly right afterwards, like I’m not quite sure what to do with it all…






I probably always say this, but it really was the BEST this year. I had the absolute privilege of leading worship on Good Friday where the cross was front and center, and then again as we rejoiced in the resurrection on Easter Sunday, we also spent precious time with friends, ate great food, (including chocolate), the sun shone majestcally, and then my youngest got baptized! Oh my word. Amazing. Humbling. Invigorating. I wanted it to stay Easter forever. And the truth of the Easter message will, which is fantastic, but since the weekend I’ve been wondering how I can hold on to it all without forgetting. Because I DO forget.

And then today I noticed my shadow.




I was out running (attempting to compensate for that inordinate amount of chocolate I mentioned), enjoying the spring sunshine. I was pondering Easter again, and how I might live everyday in the light of Jesus’ resurrection (this was a particularly “deep” run for me— often I’m just singing along to Adele or something…)  when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw something move right next to me, and it made me jump out of my skin. Fortunately, nobody else was around to witness me being freaked out by my own shadow. In my defense, it was really tall and really close. Not in my defense, this wasn’t the first time it has happened. Sheesh.

After reassuring myself I was quite safe (and shaking off the momentary embarrassment) I began noticing shadows everywhere. The trees, power lines, cars, houses, I’m pretty sure I even saw a cross, and then there was my ever-present shadow-buddy. It got me thinking of how I can take the beauty of the Easter message with me every single day, having it a part of me— like a shadow, like a reflection of Jesus in me.




As I ran further— okay by now it may have been more of a walk, the song I Can Feel You by Bethel poured through my ear buds…


“Then through the shadows

Your light appears

I’ve known you’re with me

But now it is clear

I can feel you

Jesus all around”


We have a promise that God will be with us ALWAYS. Closer than our shadow. And we can live in the light of our risen Saviour every day of the year. Even when Easter is but a beautiful memory.




So Happy Easter every day… and watch out for your glorious shadow!






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